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Launched early 2010:-
Bures at War.
Life in Bures during both World Wars

visit:- www.bures.me.uk

1st May 2020
Autobiography of Dr Thomas Wood
& Mrs St Osyth Wood


Last Update
October 23, 2020 -->

Circular walks around Bures

Seven Circular walks to enjoy around Bures

Free download, these books are being sold for £8 to £10 on Ebay


Stadler, Swiss made rolling stock in service on branch line 20th March 2020
Dual Mode: Capable of running on diesel or overhead electric.
Technically, they could operate direct from Sudbury into
Colchester North/Town




Bures Bridge Repair August 3rd - 23rd

Mystery Photo of St Marys Church
Taken sometime after 1920, it looks as though the tower has been partly demolished
to make way for the Clock.

A collection of historical and local information on the two parishes of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet from the late 1800`s to 2016
Within the three parishes of Bures St Mary, Bures Hamlet and Mount Bures, there are 116 Listed Buildings.

I hope you enjoy your visit, its aim is to view a selection of the finest buildings and structures of historic interest within the two parishes.
Hopefully this site will enlighten those, especially new to the village who may never have heard of the Tannery, Maltings, Cheese Factory, Gas Works, Workhouse, Victory Hall etc

"Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it":-
Oscar Wilde

Appletreemews Development, Cuckoo Hill
Public Hearing, commenced 6th October

Suffolk Free Press
16th October 2020

Battle over controversial housing development in Bures St Mary has 'damaged lives of residents', planning inquiry told

An inquiry into controversial homes in Bures St Mary has heard that years of acrimony around the development could have been avoided, if the developer had worked with the community.
During the first week of hearings, which will see the Planning Inspectorate determine the development's future, villagers argued the negative impact of six homes built on Cuckoo Hill would be felt for years to come.
Babergh District Council green-lit three retrospective applications on four of the homes in 2019, having refused all six a year earlier, but placed enforcement notices on plots five and six, stating they breached the planning permission first granted in 2015.
Developer Stemar is appealing the enforcement orders in an effort to keep the entire development standing.
A site visit with the planning inspector and interested parties took place on Tuesday, when villagers sought to demonstrate their concerns about the harm caused to neighbouring properties and the Bures conservation area.

Bures St Mary Parish Council chairman Gill Jackson said Stemar had made "no attempt" to collaborate with the council after acquiring the site in 2017.
"Had they chosen to work with us, I think they would have a very different view of Bures and we would not be here today," she told the inquiry. "Stemar has shown blatant disregard for the enforcement orders. Work has carried on through the Covid-19 period, when many builders chose to stop non-essential work"
"It's clear to anyone who visits the site that plots five and six have a detrimental affect on neighbouring properties. There has been no attempt to enhance the setting"
"The sorry history of this planning debacle has damaged the lives of residents and any confidence in the planning authority's ability to control developers who don't build to plan."
During the hearing, Kevin Leigh, representing Stemar, claimed the differences in the homes' height were within an acceptable tolerance, adding that it was normal for builders to have a "reasonable latitude" to achieve a level development when on a sloped site, as is the case with Cuckoo Hill.

But Simon Bailey, Babergh's senior planning enforcement officer, told the inquiry the increase in ground levels on the site, as well as the overall dimensions of the homes, took plots five and six outside of the original planning permission.

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Published 1st January 2020
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2nd edition with 20 additional pages.
Published September 1st





September 2017, Frances Hart from Portland, Origon, USA
tracing her ancestors,
the Harlackenden and De-Vere family.l
More Information
A family from "Tuscaloosa" USA visits the area including Chapel Barn during March, 2016
More information
May 2016- Researcher visits Bures from Boston USA, to trace the Pelham, Harlackenden and Waldegrave family
More information
Again in the UK May 2019

January 2017. Visitor from California in Bures researching his descendants
More Information

Will & Carol Kuberski from New Jersey, visited St Marys and St Stephens on 6th Oct, 2018
Related to the Cansdale, Cant and Parminter families

More information
Rebecca Fraser



Rebecca Fraser author of "The Mayflower", publication, visited Bures on Jan 9th 2018 in order to view Gt Bevills, St Stephens Chapel and Smallbridge Hall
Link to book review

Boating on the river Stour
Bures millennium bridge
Bures Dragon
River Stour
Millennium Bridge
Bures Dragon
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