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Proposed New Development at Ferriers

Part 3




View taken from the Colne Road, at the access lane into Ferriers

The Applicant states in the Outline Planning Permission document:-
Can the site be seen from a public road, public footpath, bridleway or other public land?
Answered No

This Google Street view, clearly indicates you can see the farm buildings from the Colne Rd.
If single storey farm buildings are visible, what about two storey executive style houses ?


The Parish Council makes the following objections and comments to this planning application

The site is completely remote from Bures village and is outside the designated village
development boundary
The site is in the open countryside and immediately adjacent to an important listed building such that development will severely affect its setting.

The Planning Statement notes the brick barns form a significant visual element to this cluster of buildings which includes the listed building as can be clearly seen from photographs of the site The Planning Statement notes the buildings will be regenerated to suit a modern lifestyle. Regeneration suggests a complete change from the original and existing structures.

The Planning Statement notes the buildings will be regenerated to create sustainable family homes. Family homes in this remote location cannot be regarded as sustainable.

The Heritage Statement is devoid of specialist informed commentary and advice: the Braintree District Council Validation Requirements stipulate The importance and significance of the asset will need to be evaluated, defined and assessed.

The site is accessed by a partially unmade private road which joins the highway on a dangerous blind bend
The buildings on the site are completely derelict and structurally unsound - the

Structural Report contains no less than 50 pages of dense commentary on the structural deficiencies of the buildings.
The Structural Report contains 3 pages of significant structural defects and 9 pages of detailed structural repair methods including underpinning and changing existing ground levels.
In consideration of the current structural condition of the buildings as detailed within the
Structural Report text and photographs it is difficult to comprehend that the buildings are suitable for conversion.

The Braintree District Council Validation Requirements stipulate that a Structural Survey should Demonstrate that the building is capable of conversion without significant
If the buildings are capable of conversion it will be necessary to compile a complete survey of the existing condition and to ensure that during conversion sufficient original fabric can be maintained to safeguard the architectural heritage.

The conversion of rural buildings to residential use RLP 38 is only acceptable where the applicant has made every reasonable effort to secure suitable employment or community re-use and the application is supported by a statement of the efforts that have been made.

So far as we are aware no such statement has been made available with the application documents.
The Justification section of the Heritage Statement notes the proposal is justified in that it retains the character of the site whereas to the contrary it is clear that conversion of the buildings will fundamentally and irretrievably change the character of the site.

The Justification section of the Heritage Statement notes the proposal is justified in that it provides urgently required homes whereas the application is not supported by a properly researched current survey of local housing needs.

This information is in the Public Domain on the BDC web site


Published 08/06/2019