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Listed Buildings In Bures Hamlet

Within the three parishes of Bures St Mary, Bures Hamlet and Mount Bures, there are 116 Listed Buildings

What is a listed building?
A 'Listed Building' is a building of 'special architectural or historic interest', on a statutory list compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Listed buildings enjoy special protected status under planning law. Buildings are chosen to be listed to enable us to preserve our built heritage.

There are three categories of listed buildings:

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest
Buildings of national importance including both outstanding grand buildings and the fine, little altered example of some important style or date.

Grade II*, particularly important buildings
Buildings that might have merited Grade 1 status but for relatively minor detracting features such as impurities of design, or lower quality additions or alterations. Also buildings that stand out above the general mass of grade Grad II buildings because of exceptional interiors or some other features.

Grade II buildings are of special importance

Buildings of local importance or good examples of some period of style. Some degree of alteration or imperfection may be acceptable.

The current criteria for Listing means that the buildings selected are in one of the following categories:-

(a) Those built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition.
(b) Most (but not all) buildings built between 1700 and 1840.
(c) Buildings of definite quality built between 1840 and 1914 including, in particular, the principal works of the principal Architects of the time.
(d) A few buildings built after 1914 but more than 30 years old

These buildings in the village were classified as "Listed" in 2003
Additions or amendments to this guide may have been made since it was published


Parsonage Hall C15 & C16 Timber Framed House
1400AD - 1499AD


Telephone Kiosk ouside Swan PH K6 type Kiosk, designed 1935
34 and 36 Water Lane C17 Timber Framed Cottages
Barn, 70m NE of Bombose Farm C17 and C18 Timber Framed Barn
Brook House Mid C19 House with C18 service wing
Railings and wall, east of Brook House Mid C19 railings on dwarf wall
Ferriers Farmhouse C16 Timber Framed Farmhouse
Building 15m NW of Ferriers Farmhouse Mid C16 ancillary building, probably court house
Hill Farmhouse C16/C17 Timber Framed House
Bures Antiques Late C15 Timber Framed House
1400AD - 1499AD
3 Bridge Street C15 Timber Framed House
Newmans Late C15 Timber Framed House
Eight Bells PH, Colchester Rd

C15 and C16 Timber Framed House
1400AD - 1499AD

The Cottage, Colchester Rd Late C16/early C17 Timber Framed House
Pilgrims, Colchester Rd Late C16/early C17 Timber Framed House
Blacksmiths Cottage C18 pair of Cottages
Boat House & Boat House Cottage C18 pair of Cottages
Pricketts Hall C16 Timber Framed House
Bakers Hall C16 and C17 Timber Framed House
Fishpits C16 Timber Framed House
Polsteads Farmhouse Late C16 Timber Framed House
Ravensfield Farmhouse Early C17 part Timber Framed/Brick House
16 and 18 Station Hill C14/C15 Timber Framed House
20 and 22 Station Hill Late Medieval Timber Framed House
The White House, Station Hill Early C19 Brick House
The Swan PH, Station Hill C16 and C18 Timber Framed House
1500AD - 1599AD
Pear Tree, Water Lane C17 Timber Framed Cottage
Water Lane Cottage Late C16/early C17 Timber Framed House
Wall of White House, Station Hill Early C19 wall facing road
Secretaries Farmhouse, Station Hill C14 Timber Framed House
Coach House and Stables North of Secretaries Early C19 Coach House and Stables
Barn 35m North of Secretaries C17 Timber Framed Barn
The Railway Maltings/Oasthouse C19 Maltings

Total of 36 Properties Listed
ECC Records Office Sept 03
Checked 13/01/2015