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Newspaper Archive 1745-1950 from the Ipswich Journal, Bury and Suffolk Herald, Bury & Norwich post, Norfolk Chronicle, Suffolk and Essex Free Press, South-West Suffolk Echo, Sudbury Post & Long Melford Gazette, and Haverhill Echo

The archives were scanned and any reference to the word "Bures" was retrieved
Hence the subject matter may seem rather sporadic

Theft of Bicycles

Suffolk and Essex Free press 22 april 1943
Bures "Special' Commended Young Cycle Thieves- Caught By Prompt Action

The alertness a Bures Special Constable, who, after overhearing a conversation at a dance, kept observation on the movements o£ three youths resulted in a prosecution Boxford Sessions on Friday, when George Williams, 55, Cross Street, Sudbury, and William Charles Alleston, 64, Melford Road, Sudbury, both labourers, were summoned for stealing a gent's bicycle, value £3, the property of James P. Thompson, of Wormlngford, and lady's cycle, value £5, the property of Miss Betty Lazell, Wortningford, on 27tb March, 1943, at Bures St. Mary.
Both pleaded guilty.
Supt. H. Hurst told the Court that Williams and Allesaton, with another lad, went to Bures by bus and attended a dance the Victory Hail.
While they were there Special Constable White, who. was on duty, overheard a conversation by the youths the effect that if they were were leaving the hall and three bikes were pinched they would be for it.
In consequence of that conversation, the special constable spoke to PC Bigmore and close observation was kept on the defendants. A little later one of the men left the hall and removed three bicycles, placing them near the entrance gate in a convenient place for getting away quickly.
Just before the dance finished the owner of one of those machines left the hall and found that her bicycle had been moved.
When she found it she took. It away, leaving the other two machines near the gate.
The defendants did not take the two bicycles which were left, but went to the rear of the hall, picked up three more bicycles and rode off on them.
The constable thereupon got on his bicycle and went after them. When stopped, one of the men pushed the machine.into the constable and ran oft, and the second one dismounted, left the bicycle and ran back to the hall.
Upon being caught the defendants told the constable untruths. Williams stating that he had had the machine dour years. When told by SC White that he was suspected of stealing the machine became very impertinent.
Alleston, who was caught near the entrance gate denied knowing anything about bicycle. Supt. Hurst said the police officer got In touch with him, and on his Instructions the defendants were conveyed to Sudbury by car.
On the way there they treated the matter a huge Joke. The owner of the lady’s machine was Land .Army girl who had ridden four miles to the dance.
Supt. Hurst .told the Magistrates that he made inquiries about the youths, and had ascertained that Alleston. who was a member of the Home Guard and was in uniform on the night In question, appeared to be a very discontented young man. moving about from place to place of employment. and his wages were approximately £4 10s. per week.
Williams was earning £4 week. The Bench said they considered the defendants did a very foolish, dirty, mean sort thing, and they must realise that they would have to pay the penalty for such an action.
They would each have to pay a line of £6.
The Chairman (Mr. Duncan Eastman) said the Court desired to compliment Special Constable White for hia alertness and prompt action.
Supt. Hurst also added his tribute to Special Constable White, remarking that did a smart job of work, which was appreciated.
Asked about payment of the fines, the defendants said they had no money, and the Magistrates allowed them a fortnight in which pay. A third lad appeared before a Juvenile Court on a similar charge and was fined £3.


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