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History of the Bures Womens Institute

1921 - Present

2021 wil be their 100th Anniversary, making its the oldest running voluntary organisation in the village.

The Bures WI was formed in July 1921, under the guidance of Mrs. Margaret Hitchcock.
During the inaugural year, 40 members enrolled.

By 1939, the membership had increased to 84 with Mrs Hitchcock as the Vice-president
Mrs Hitchcock by then, had become chairman of the National Federation of Women's Institute’s Organisation sub—committee.
She also served on the Executive Committee of the West Suffolk County Federation.
Furthermore, she was also the editor of the County Supplement of the national Womens Institute monthly magazine, Home & Country.

The meetings, were held monthly in the Victory Hall.

At the onset of WW2:-,
President:- Mrs. Twitchett
Vice Presidents:- Mrs Hitchcock and Mrs Savoury
Secretary:- Mrs Snow
Committee Members:- Mrs. Walsh, Mrs Stebbing, Mrs. Spurgin, Mrs. H. Clampin, Miss I. Webber, Mrs. Downing and Mrs. G. Graves.

After the War, the WI held their meetings in the Free Church along the Croft.
Without any substantiating evidence, it seems Mrs Hitchcock rented the property until the expense became to high and the WI moved to the Village Hall around 1960
Rene Brown joined the WI in 1969 ( 48 years ago) when her mother was still a member.
Rene distinctly recalls meeting at the Free Church.


Current Venue 2017:
Bures Community Centre, Nayland Road, Bures
Meets third Thursday in the month at 7.30pm

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Ref:- My thanks to Jean Baxter and to Rene Brown for supplying information