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The Alliston family of Bures

Charles Alliston, son of William from Bures is the large man seated on the front row behind the sign.

Charles was the foreman at the brickworks.
He was the son of Emma Collins and William Alliston born at Bures.

It appears the Allistons moved to Bures in early 1700’s, although there is a Will of a Jane Smith that records a John Alliston of Bures in the early 1600’s.

Publshed in the Bury and Suffolk Herald newspaper archive, we have two references to the Alliston family to confirm dates:-

August 2nd 1826
At Bury Sessions, John Allistone, for assaulting John Garrod, the constable at Bures, 3 months hard labour.

January 16th 1833
Henry Alliston aged 20 and Alfred Crossman aged 19 to be privately whipped and imprisoned for one week for stealing two tame rabbits the property of John Crossman of Bures.

Possibly William Alliston

Bertie Alliston

We can also find three members of the Alliston family in the Bures Workhouse circa 1840
Namely Henry (Agr Labourer), Susan and William.

He is most probably this Henry:-

Henry Allaston and Susan Mingay had a Son William living with them, Henry died in the 1850’s and Susan went on to remarry and became Susan Outing.

Henry also had other sons, Henry (1842), George (1843) and Charles (1845). He also seems to have had the daughters ; Annie (1853), Ames (1853) , Emma Lousia (1856).
Susan went on to have children by Samual Outing ; Lewis (1857), Louis (1858) , Martha (1859).

Susan and Samuel with their children moved to Middlesex leaving William Alliston at Little Cornard.

William ( image above) the eldest went to live near his mothers family ( Mingay ) at Little Cornard he married Emma Collins from Sudbury who was born in 1841. Typical of many Victorian families they had a lot of children, they were Ellen Elliston b. 1862, Emma Elliston b. 1864, our Charles Alliston ( my Great Grandfather ) b. 1868, Henry Alliston b. 1869, Harry Elliston b. 1870 ( probably the Publican at the Horse and Groom in 1911 ), James Elliston b. 1872, Frederick Alliston b. 1876, Elizabeth 1877 and John .

Taken from various census records. In the 1861 census William was listed as a Pot Maker at Mill Hill in Sudbury and in 1871 a labourer.
Williams father Henry died about 1850 when he was 10 as Susan his mother is listed as head of household in the 1851 census.

The "Will" of Jane Smith ( early 1600`s and the daughter of an Alliston ) establishes that the early Allistons in Bures, were related to the ones who worked for the Estates of the Earl of Oxford at Castle Hedingham and Earls Colne.
From this "Will", we see that the father of those baptised in Bures between 1628 and 1640 is John Alliston, a cousin of Jane. He is believed to be the son of Hugh or Cyan Alliston sergeant of Sudbury and his father was born in Castle Hedingham.

Bungalow named Allestons in Chapel Lane, Lt Cornard

One of the previous owners, said it was because he remembered Mr Alliston ( Charles ) standing outside the door of his cottage when he was younger.

There was possibly another property behind this bunglow at some time in the past.
( to be researched locally further)

Link to Bures Parish records for the late 1500’s and 1600’s


ALISTONE John M John 20 Feb 1627/28
ALLESTON Thomas M John Thomasin 31 May 1635
ALLISTON John M John 08 Jul 1629
ALLISTON Mary F John 08 Apr 1632

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" I am a descendent of Elizabeth Allaston, born 7 June 1777 at Mt. Bures"


All of this material kindly donated for publication by Mark Alliston
Marks Grandfather was born in Little Cornard and his Grandfather in Bures.
His sister lived in Bures about 15 years ago for a while, with cousins still in Sudbury

if you can supply any additional information on the family locally to Bures, then contact us here


Published 07/08/2019