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Almshouses in Cuckoo Hill

Images taken by L Hackett, 1903
<<<< Almshouses circa 1914

The Almshouses in Bures are located along Cuckoo Hill, adjacent to the Cemetery entrance.
Until 2009. they were used to house the parish widows and widowers.

With the arrival of Babergh District Council bungalows for the elderly in Eves Orchard, the demand for the Almshouses fell dramatically.

These have now been converted into four self contained units, comprising of a one bedroom accommodation

With little demand for use by the elderly, they were then offered as social housing to the younger generation who could not afford to rent or purchase property in the parish.

Suffolk and Essex Free Press July 1946

The plaque on the front of the Almshouses indicate they were financed by William Atkinson in 1866.

William financed their construction, which accommodated four couples each receiving 8s per week.
A popular misconception being that this is a Listed Building - this is not correct

Superb chimney brickwork for such a discrete looking property.

The Almhouse roof was stripped during the winter of 2012. New felt, battons and tiles were fitted.
It would appear that the old tiles may well have been the originals fitted back in 1886, although some of the felt and battons had been replaced much later.


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