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Bridge Street (Essex)

Photographs taken back in the early - mid 1900`s compared to 2007
This page is to depict the change in the appearance of the property
rather than any business operating at the time.

The side of the property was the location William Aldous "Bakery"

Notes: William Aldous (the baker) was the son of my great grandad who had 4 boys George Charlie William and Jack.
George and Charlie were both killed in the 1st World War in France.
William had 2 daughters, Mary who worked in Mr Mynots shop and Evelin ( Queeney) I think worked at Smallbridge Hall and a son Roy who is in your "Bures at War" page receving a welcome home letter it gives the address as No3 Nayland Rd it is actually No15.
Roy is my father, now Jack had a son Charlie who untill his retirment was the Postman in Bures and surrounding areas. Charlie and his family lived in Water Lane while his dad Jack lived in the house to the left of the school in Nayland Rd.
Gordon Aldous, Chelmsford

William Aldous and his wife Alice


Three Photos above:- previously a General Store, Cake Shop and Leather Store

Photo left:- "Webbers General Store" was the front shop with the Bakery to the rear.

By the late 1940`s the shop was trading as a cafe. By 1949 it was known as the "Three Ways Cafe"
The cafe continued for a number of years under different ownership.
During the 1990`s it was converted into an Antique Shop, Parquet Flooring outlet, Architects Office and now in 2010 Gift Shop.

Newman General Store now Village Deli

Currently Bridge Stores previously
Hume Greengrocer >

No photograph available

Re-furbished house previously
Clampin Wet Fish shop >

No photograph available

Garrad Maltings now TownHouses
Residential properties demolished mid 1900
Map dated 1898 shows one of these properties to be an "Inn"