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The Cansdale Family Tree
Bures to New Jersey, USA

( 1712 - 1963)

Will and Carol Kuberski from New Jersey in the USA, payed a brief visit to Bures on October 6th 2018, to locate evidence of their long lost family the Cansdales.

Will, is also a descendant of the Haywards (22 individuals), the Brays (12), Cousins (3), Dyers (8), the Cardy's (20), and of course the Pelhams and Waldegraves (Penelope being his 9th great grandmother).

They were both delighted to find evidence in St Marys, the War Memorial and the Cemetery of the Cansdale family.

The most prominent location to find the Cansdale name, is unfortunately on the War Memorial
Additionally there is a plaque inside St Marys, in recognition of the terrible loss they suffered during WW1.

Will and Carol have very kindly donated their research work in tracing their descendants from Bures and Lamarsh
Looking at the family tree below, you may well recognise some of the surnames still in use today, Kemp, Bray, Boggis, Lazell and Eves
"Parminter" on the fringes of Wills tree, can be found in the Records of the Winthrop Fleet (Mayflower) departing for New England in 1638

Edward C Cansdale (1851 -1935)

The 1911 census lists his address as Sudbury Rd.
His occupation is listed as a machine fitter,
but also as an employer


Abraham Tony Cansdale ( 1884 - 1964)

Abraham served as a police constable in Sudbury, Shenfield and Southend
for a few years before the war.

Abrahams first wife, Ethel May Kendall died after giving birth in 1912.
He was so destroyed that he decided leave England and start a new life in Canada where he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force,

He served in the 15th Battalion, known as the 48th Queens Highlanders of Totonto
The Battalion fought as part of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Division in France and Flanders throughout the war.
Soon he was in the trenches and was the last man to survive in his platoon.

Abraham, this was taken soon after he moved to Canada.


Abraham Cansdale's (1884 - 1964) marriage to Ethel Kendall (our record has her listed as Ethel May Kendall, and that she died a year after their marriage.)

All of the following names are ancestors from Bures or the Lamarsh area

Abraham's mother was Louisa Hayward (1851-1938). Abraham's father was Edwin C. Cansdale 1851 - 1935.

Our Cansdale lineage goes back to Henry Cansdale. We have no dates for him, but his son Thomas Cansdale lived from 1665 to 1742.

Louisa's parents were Thomas Hayward 1845 - 1860 and Sarah Clampin 1812 - 1862.

Thomas Hayward's parents Joseph Hayward of Lamarsh 1780 - 1862, and Mary Tracy 1780 - 1850.

(The Tracy lineage gets really interesting, but that's another story. Do you know of any Tracy's in Bures?)

Our earliest Hayward record is of Jonathan Hayward b. 1725 but no place of birth is recorded. According to records from ancestry.com his son Jonathan was born in Lexden in 1755. His wife, Judith/Juda Eves/Eaves is my 5th great grandmother and was born in Lamarsh about 1745. I wonder if the names Eaves is familiar to you.

Abraham (my 3rd great grandfather) was married to Susannah Bray 1822-1889.

Her parents were James Bray 1788 - 1853 and Mary Dyer 1794 - 1881.

Mary's parents Mary Layzel 1777 - 1843 and William Dyer 1772 - 1850

James Bray's parents were Henry Bray 1760 - 1842 and Elizabeth Carter 1764 - 1842.

The earliest Layzel in our tree is my 7th great grandfather Thomas Layzel 1712 - 1792. His wife was Elizabeth Marshall 1718 - 1797

I also have a great uncle Abraham Cansdale 1864 - 1950 who was married to Eliza Kemp 1869 -1965

Sarah Boggis d.1782 was my 5th great grandmother, wife of Henry Cansdale 1739 - 1821.

Hannah Cousins 1780 - 1849 was my fourth great grandmother, wife of James Cansdale 1781 - 1860.

My second great aunt Kate Louisa Cansdale 1878 - 1963 was married to a Sydney Cook d. 1961, which I mention only because I noticed a lot of Cooks in the cemetery.

Charles W. and Frank, sons of William and Ellen are Wills first cousins.

Lower tree continues from top right

Will Kuberski descendant of Abraham Cansdale

Links to the "Bures at War" web site where the Cansdales are listed,

Six members of the Cansdale family lost their lives during WW1


Acknowledgment to Will and Carol Kuberski for this material
Published 16/10/2018

Updated 17/10/2018
updated with Abraham Canada photo 20/12/2020