Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet

Development along Colchester Rd now included in Local Plan

Possible new development in Colchester Rd
Part 1
Local Plan includes development in Colchester Rd
Part 2

Braintree District Council have now updated their Local Plan, to now include a development on
to the right of the B1508 as you enter Bures from Wormingford

The outline Plans for this development are to construct 105, three and four bedroom properties.
This will increase Bures Hamlet population by 30%

BDC asking for public views on the 2016 Local Plan
However, it was approved by the Council earlier on 20th June 2016

James Webber (co-owner) of the land has offered the
Flood Plain opposite to Hamlet Parish Council for free.

Land above Colchester Rd running left to right
Land to the right of Colchester Road
Land with Colchester Rd to the left
View taken from the Millenium Bridge.
Land above Colchester Rd ( yellow)