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Hugh Creek
1894 - 1987

Headmaster of Bures Primary School
1932 - 1958


Hugh was born 27th May 1894 at Sproughton, one of three children.

Father: Alfred James Creek born Springfield, Chelmsford,
Mother: Alice Ezra Creek born Colchester,
Married in Colchester and moved to Sproughton, nr Ipswich,

Alfred was employed as a gardener at Chantry Park and Sproughton Hall, near Ipswich, before moving with Alice his wife and three children to Madron, Cornwall in 1911.
There he was employed as the Head Gardener at the Trengwainton Gardens, with a much increased wage.

In 1925 Col Edward Bolitho (owner of the house)and his head gardener Alfred Creek continued the development of the garden. During 1927/28 Alfred was responsible for raising from rare seed, species of plants brought back from an expedition to Burma and Assam.
This work continued after Alfreds retirement in 1934.
The estate was opened to the public, for the first time in 1931.

Reference:- Wikipedia entry

Trengwainton Gardens, Heamoor, Cornwall, is currently owned by the National Trust.

Alfred and Alice had three children whilst living at Sproughton.

Alfred Hugh Creek b Sproughton 1894, then aged 17 he moved with his parents in 1911 to Madron, Penzance.
Mabel Alice Creek b Sproughton 1897, later moved with her parents in 1911 to Madron, Penzance
William Andrew Creek b Sproughton 1907, later moved with his parents in 1911 to Madron, Penzance

Whils`t at Sproughton, Hugh is recorded as being a Pupil at Halesworth Boys Boarding School.

Later after moving to Maldron, Hugh attended the Exeter Teacher Training College before joining the Army at the onset of WW1, he would have been 20 at that time.
He was enlisted into the Royal Devonshire Regiment Territorial Force as Private No 200281.

His unit was known as the “Exeter & South Devon Volunteers”, the premier unit of Britain's Volunteer Force.
It was formed in 1852 and later became a battalion of the Devonshire Regiment. Both its active service battalions
went to Garrison India on the outbreak of the First World War and subsequently saw action in Palestine and
On the 26th March 1919, he was "disembodied" from the Regiment, which means he chose to be retained in the
Territorial Army. This was unusual to be retained for so long, as the Territorial Forces were usually stood down after
the threat of invasion had passed.
Hugh was awarded the Territorial Forces Medal on the 6th July 1920.

Sometime between March 1919 and November 1919 , he moved back to Suffolk and gained employment at his former Halesworth School as a Teacher.

On the 6th Nov 1919, Hugh was initiated into the United Grand Lodge of England Freemasons - Possibly the Halesworth Lodge ?
Passing - 11 Dec 1919
Raising - 8 Jan 1920
Certificate - 27 Jan 1920, here he is definately listed as living at Halesworth.

Presumably working at the school and living in the local area, this was most likely where he met Florence Larter.

Florence was born 30th October 1894, possibly born in Blyford,
Records indicate that Florence was Christened at Holton, both parishes are only a few miles from Halesworth.

Hugh married Florence at Blyford, Suffolk in July 1922, documented in the Blything Registration District.
Both were born in 1894 making them the same age of 30yrs.

Blything Registration District incorporates Halesworth, Holton and Blyford.

Hugh and Florence produced 3 daughters -

(1) Gwendoline - born 1923 - at Blything District. later married John Grant in 1951 at Sudbury
Essex and Suffolk Free Press 14th September 1944
(2)Pamela C.M. - born 1924 - at Blything District, her first marriage was to Roger Clarke in 1947 then again, age 60 in 1985 to Kenneth McCrae at Bury St. Edmunds.
Sadly she died, age 62 in August 1987 in Bury St. Edmunds, the same year as her father.
(3)Patricia F. - born 1930 - at Sudbury District. later married Allan T Cheesley in Depwade, Norfolk
Patricia is still living in the local area.


After leaving Halesworth Hugh moved to Stoke-by Nayland Secondary School as Headmaster
His departure date must have been before Patricia was born in 1930, as her birth is registered in Sudbury.

In 1932 Hugh moved yet again to Bures, this time to take up the position of Headmaster at the Primary School

Essex and Suffolk Free Press
2nd September 1932

On the 1939 England & Wales Register - Alfred H. Creek is 'Schoolmaster (Head) and ARP Chief Warden:
The Census reports he lived in the School House with his wife was Florence, with her occupation listed as 'unpaid domestic duties'

Hugh retired as Headteacher in 1958 and together with Florence, moved to Frinton-on-sea.

Florence died aged 77 in 1972, the death was registered in Colchester.
After Florence passed away, Hugh seems to have moved away from Frinton.

He died on the 22nd January 1987, aged 92, with his death registered in Ipswich.
His Probate records document him residing at No7 Station Rd, Hadleigh, Suffolk.
It seems likely that’s after Florence
died, he moved to Hadleigh to be near his daughter Pat, who was living along an adjacent road.

Florence was interned at Blyford cemetery in 1972, followed by Hugh in 1987.

Blyford being the birthplace of Florence.

Memorial stone at Blyford


Pam, Hugh, Pat, Florence and Gwen

Marriage of Hugh and Florence

Hugh and Florence on their Honeymoon
Third row from the front

1949, Hugh taking his class to swimming lessons at Sudbury

Florence Creek

Hugh and Florence outside the School House

Authors Note:-
My grandparents originally lived in Gt Bentley, then during 1894 they moved to Sproughton, where
my Grandfather was employed as a Groom at Sproughton Hall.
This move took place the same year that Hugh was born.
As Hugh`s father also worked at Sproughton Hall as a gardener, it`s conceivable the two families must have known each other.
What an amazing coincidence !


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