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Bures Dramatic Society 1921 - 1960
Victory Hall

Mrs Margaret Hitchcock founded "The Bures Dramatic Society" in 1921 , which used the Victory Hall for their rehearsals and performances.
Margaret Hitchcock was not only the founder member of the society, but she often found to be acting in three act plays.
The "Dramatic Society" finally closed its doors in 1960 after 39 years.
Witgar Hitchcock her son who was the treasurer at that time, confirmed all profits from the plays amounted to £1015 were given to the Victory Hall.

John Ineson of Highfields Farm recalls:-

I took part in the 60th Production of the Society of "Viceroy Sarah" in 1956 and also the last Dramatic Society production "Dry Rot" in March 1960.
Mrs Hitchcock also mentioned at that time that my mother was in the first production in 1921.
I took part in the first show of the Bures Stage Society "Bellamy" in December 1961. I am fairly sure there was not a show in the Spring of 1961 as this was the time of the change over of the halls.
The name was changed from the Dramatic Society to Stage Society at the request of the Hitchcock family who had been very involved with the Victory Hall since its inception and I think they were the Trustees. They were not happy with the idea of a new hall and thought the existing hall was perfectly adequate for the village.
Unfortunately, there were no bidders at the Auction when offered for sale, as it was rotting and beyond repair.

In the Parish Magazine of August 2000, there was a brief history of the Stage Society written by Janet Lumley,

dramatic Soc

Believed to be the original members of the Bures Dramatic Society dated 24th February 1924.
This may have been one of their first performances

BACK ROW:- H Sherlock, Manfred Hitchcock, Mrs Mussett, Mr Mussett. Unknown, G Berry
FRONT ROW:-Unknown, Unknown, Ethel Hume(centre), Margaret Hitchcock, Mrs Baxter
Suffolk and Essex Free Press, February 20th 1947


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