Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet

Facts about the Bures web sites

Number of local jpg pictures taken since 2000 = 9,580
Donated 35mm BW slides = 1324
Donated 35mm water painting slides = 160
Misc B&W postcards = 45
TOTAL jpg/tiff files = 11,109

Documents such as pdf files = 445


Number of WW2 documents ( reports/invoices/booklets) = 1157
(1) Single donation amounted to 473 documents
(2) Mount Bures Historian, legacy of 232 documents
(3) Furthest donation of WW2 material, arrived from Florida from father of local Home Guard Soldier

Number of WW1 research documents = 697

4 local web sites
no of pages per site

Bures-online.co.uk =732 (these include html album pages)
Bures.me.uk = 112 (War in Bures)
Mount-bures.co.uk =202
Bures.org.uk ( Bures through the Camera Lens) withdrawn, due lack of interest 19/2/19
Total number of topics covered on the Mount Bures web site =80
Total number of topics covered on the Bures-online web site = 231
Message Board
Total number of members = 178
Number of topics posted = 143
Number of Member posts = 448
Registered Members from overseas = 97%
Registered Members from within UK =3%
Date taken ( 19.02.19)

Residents who either lived in Bures or have a connection to the village, have contacted me from:
New Zealand
USA and Canada
South Africa

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