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"Shop Meadow, Bridge Meadow or Meggs Meadow"

Date approx 1930
Date 2007

This meadow is located on the Essex side of the River Stour.
During the early 1900`s it was location of various cottages and a Butchers Shop, today all this has vanished leaving just a meadow and a derelict barn.
A village fair was held on this site until 1938

This derelict building may well have been the Butchers Shop Slaughterhouse (not confirmed)

The 1901 map clearly shows the houses on the corner and the butchers shop.
However, the cottages on the upper side of the meadow along Bridge St, have long since been demolished.

The Parish Council has in the past taken the view that the field should be kept as open space in its entirety, in fact it was instrumental in ensuring that the whole of the meadow was placed outside the village envelope and so excluded from development. However the current of the field has prompted a re-think and the Parish Council has now agreed to look sympathetically on any scheme that the current owner may have to build one dwelling in exchange for the majority of the land being passed into public ownership and preserved as open space.

Parish Council Chairman