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Police Houses in Bures

Bures Hamlet
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Bures Hamlet had three Police (or beat) Houses
The first in Water Lane and the second, the right hand semi-detached house in front of the railway station
Dates unknown
David Vango can recall a blue (Police) light hanging from a bracket outside the property.


This document dated 1953, is a letter from Pudneys requesting more information on redecorate the Hamlet Police Station
However this couldn't have been the Police House that stands today, as it wasn't built until 1956
see below

So it could have only been the semi in front of the railway station.
But why spend all this money on a property, that would be made redundant in two or three years time



The Current Police House was constructed circa 1955/56
The Specification from Essex County County Council was placed with Pudney & Sons from Colne Engaine
I cannot say with any certainty but they most likely carried out the work.

The property was supplied with Coke fired heating

It was a Standard Type "C" design which could be found in most rural villages.


These were often used, as one specification could be used
for multiple properties

The Telephone Exchange in Nayland Rd is a typical type "H2" design which can be found in other villages such as Fordham, Nayland, Earls Colne, Boxford, Coggeshall etc


Less than ten years since it was constructed, the Property was decorated externally and internally

In circa 1975/77 all Police Stations in Essex were scheduled for modernisation

Pudney and Sons were successful in obtaining this work

Oil Fired Central Heating with an Immersion Tank for Hot Water were installed

Pudney`s accept the contract

Suffolk Police House, Nayland Rd

Two documents:
Left:- Part of 4 pages listing materials required to construct the property, dated 1958
Right- Estimated build cost of £2762.2.6d
Pudney and Sons, Colne Engaine
We can assume the property was built circa 1959/60, possibly by Pudneys