Marks Tey - Bures - Sudbury
Rail Line (2019)

I apologise for the lack of content on these rail pages since 2017

Unfortunately, Persimmon decided to build an estate at the rear of my property which completely obliterated my view of the Branch Line
Before they arrived, I had a clear view of the line and the Mount Bures crossing from my rear garden and windows.

I could also hear what was using the line, especially at night with track machines and ballast trains
Thanks to Persimmon, I can see or hear nothing.


July 2019
Parking charges introduced at £3 per day
Commuters avoiding this, by now parking in side-streets
On the 9th August at 10am, only 8 vehicles on site

New Greater Anglia Stadler rolling stock was scheduled to be running on the branch line during 2019
Latest announcement :-August 2019

The first of the new Stadler bimode trains have entered service on Wherry Line routes between Norwich, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth within the last two weeks -
and they have been well-received by passengers.
However the testing procedure for each unit, and the training that is needed for drivers and conductor/guards,
is so comprehensive that it takes a long time to get them ready to put into service.
A spokeswoman for Greater Anglia said it would be the early months of next year,
before the new trains were operating on all the company's rural and regional routes.

August 12/13th
Due to very High Winds in the region of 45/50 mph, Branch Line closed

New Rail depot at Harwich

Greater Anglia has been forced to look at “alternative options” for its planned depot in Brantham, Suffolk, due to problems with access and the frequency of trains on a nearby level crossing.

In February 2017, Greater Anglia announced it would build a new depot on the site a former Imperial Chemical Industries factory in Brantham off the Great Eastern Main Line east of Manningtree station. Planned to open in 2018, it was to be the home depot for Greater Anglia's new fleet of Class 745 and Class 755 Stadler Fleet. It is being built by Taylor Woodrow.[ In April 2018 construction was halted after the council raised concerns about frequent train moves blocking a level crossing.

Work had already begun at the site, with demolition and initial groundwork underway at the former chemical plant, but this has now ground to a halt as Greater Anglia looks to resolve its issues.

There are currently only a limited number of times that the level crossing is allowed to close its gates, but the increase in rail traffic caused by the depot would mean increasing that number, which is not currently permitted because of the traffic flow issues it would cause.

As of July 2019 Greater Anglia obtained planning permission from Tendring Council to construct the depot on the outskirts of Harwich between Dovercourt and Harwich International.
The depot will provide joys for between eight and 12 engineers to support the Bombardier Aventra trains that are due to be introduced towards the end of 2019. Maintenance and servicing is expected to occur mostly overnight and the depot will be equipped with a wheel lathe to address flatspots.

Service disrupted for an entire day, as no other unit was available maintain the schedule

Thurs 14th November
Stadler Trains seen at Marks Tey
at 1124 two Stadlers, one bound for LS and the other for Col, passed through the staion simultaneously

Published 20/08/19