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Donated School Photograph
Education in Bures from  1582 until the present day


Bures School Photo 1953/54
Donated by Robert Dyer


Back Row - Ed Hynard (Teacher), Unknown, Christopher Bury, Unknown, Unknown, Terry Bond, Paul Welham, Keith Balls, Michael Adams,
Terry Holt, Bobby Robertson, Jimmy Fisher

Middle Row - Jeremy Perkins, Colin Frost, Rodney Dyer, Terry Galloway, Peter Skinner, Greta Spurgin, Carol Bland, Jonathan Spurgeon, Johnny Warden, Clive Baker, Brian Hearnden.

Front Row (Seated) - Susan Lydeman, Yvone Adams, Helen Doe, Diana Crosby, Unknown, Susette Sorby, Unknown, Enid Bland

In the back row is Terry Bond…he's now a renowned bird artist, proper name of Terance James Bond ( he was best man at my wedding, I was best man at his )

Published 28/05/2022
Robert Dyer, Bures from 1946 until 1969
I used to sing in the Church choir when Ethel Hume was the organist, and my brother Tony Dyer used to play the church organ in Mount Bures Church where I went with him to pump the manually driven bellows

I can remember the river freezing over and one of the group I grew up with, took his Norton 650cc motorcycle onto the river at the roadbridge and drove it along the frozen river.