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Can you see anyone here you recognise ??
Bures Football Team 1934
? Fred Webber ? Dennis Eves. ? Jim Carter
    ? Bert Binks Sid Gilbert  
? Eaves ? ? Walter Hartley  


Bures Football Team 1940 `ish
? Walter
? Vic
George Graves ? ? Alf Clark Bill
? Albert
Jim Carter ? ? Mick
? George
            Fred Goody ? Frank
? Jim Fisher            
Bures Football Team Cup Winners 1953/54
Bill Dennis David Baxter Leslie Rutt Maurice Cansdale David Rutt Don Mills George Warden Walter Frost
  Richard Cardy Dennis Hume Dick Davis David Bailey Richard Hill    


Bures Football Team circa 1950`s
Don Mills   Billy Peake   David Bailey   David Baxter   Richard Davis   David Vango
  David Rutt   Ivor Turner   Maurice Cansdale   John Pink   Leslie Rutt  

Bures Football Team circa 1960
David Baxter David Rutt Iver Turner Brian Reeve David Vango Kenny Riches Ron Mumford
  Leslie Rutt Spencer Wiffen Copper Morgan Ray Mumford John Pilgrim  

All the above photos courtesy of David Rutt.

Comrades Football Club 1929- 1930
This picture could be outside the pub which was their headquarters,
middle row 3rd left with the big hair James Willis ( Jim ) died at 86
so he would be approx 27 in the picture, last player bottom right Sid Willis
Photo and names courtesy of Chris Willis

Comrades Football Club 1930 - 1931

Top left
Baxter, Jim Carter, Baldwin, Albert Eaves, George Bowell, Allen Edwards, George Graves,
Gordon Drake, Webber, George Springett

Bottom left
Mr Miller, Les Munson, Walter Frost, Ernie Eaves, Bert Binks, Sid Willis, Alf Powell, Mrs Miller
Photo and names courtesy of Chris Willis