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Creating a New Woodland in Bures, December 2011


Children and community-minded parishioners have come together to create a woodland in Bures.

It was grandparents day at the school on the Friday of the tree planting, with the school arranging for all the new admissions to come and plant a tree.
This will enable the children to watch grow during their time at the school and beyond.

Katharine King, from the conservation group Bures Transition, said the group was planning to plant 420 new trees on village land at the end of Claypits Avenue and Tawneys Ride.

The one-and-a-half acre site, previously a crop field, was gifted to the village group by landowner Geoffrey Probert and has been prepared for planting by the Farm Manager, Dennis Ambrose.Katherine King said: "The creation of a community woodland and orchard is finally under way and it is great to see lots of people involved with the project."

Last Friday, 25 reception children visited the site to plant their own ash, birch, rowan, cherry, oak or fruit tree.

This was followed by a community planting party on Saturday morning, which was attended by more than 40 people who helped to ensure the young trees were firmly planted for future generations to visit.

Katherine added: "The children enjoyed getting involved and everyone has a name label on their particular tree"

"As every child grows, they will be able to visit the woodland to see how their tree is doing."

She said the hope was that apple pressing days would be held for the community in future.

Back row
Right - Ken Jackson, Bures Transition Group.
Second Right- Dennis Ambrose, Farm Manager.
Third Right - Mary Turner, Bures Transistion Group.

Photographs supplied by Mary Turner, Bures Transition Group
Portion of the text courtesy of Suffolk Free Press

Woodland taken during April 2013, now eighteen months of age.
Now complete with oak seats, where you can enjoy the tranquil view across the valley


Notice Board erected April 2014

Joinery and Fitting by Geoff and George Davies,
The Woodyard, Cuckoo Hill.


Photographs taken by Alan Beales April 2013/14