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11th January >World War 1 Archives published

Feb 17th >River Stour Floods due to storms

March and April> extensive research on the names engraved on the War memorial

April> Quoits played on the Common

April > New picture added to rail pages
Minor update to rail pages

May > Correcting menu fault of "The Common" url

June >WW2, Arthur Brown Killed in Action research
June >New Photos to Cheese Factory page
June > New Photos to Old Comrades page
June > Twitter link added to front page
June > two photos added to School index page

July 10th - new photos added to rail page

July 12th - More information published on the War Memorial site

July 17th - new slaughterhouse page published

July 25th - Update to War Memorial information

July 27th - update slaughterhouse demolition

Index page to this site updated to commemorate WW1
Index page to "Bures.me.uk" updated to commemorate WW1

New Page: Pikes Marsh

Oct 12th- Ferriers Barn page updated

Oct 14th -Index page - updated

Nov 4th - Final images taken of Persimmon Development

Dec 20th - Images of Mount Bures level crossing added to rail page

Dec 23rd - Updated pictures to Packing Shed land

Dec 24th = Bures.org.uk re-launched with Vintage Photographs


January 10th -New Scrolling banner on index page. liven the page up a bit !

January 12th - Colchester Road garage

January 13th - Update Fysh House farm

January 14th - Moat Farm added

January 25th - Major update to bomb damage in Nayland Rd - see http://www.bures.me.uk ( Bures at War)

February 15th - New Development on the Slaughterhouse site

February 27th - Public House History update concerning the Eight Bells

March 1st - extensive updates to River House, The Boat House, and the Colchester rd Garage

March 4th - additional page about village characters

March 16th - Major update to the Factory page + circa 80 photographs on the "bures.org.uk" site

March 24th - Major update to the Colchester Road Garage

April 4th and 5th - Major update to index and the Sitemap pages

April 12th - Pont Data, Smallbridge

April 21st - Smallbridge School (I didnt know it even existed ?)

May 2nd Samuel Death, Blacksmith

May 5th Spouses Grove Blue Bells

May 15th One Bell PH Lt Cornard added

May 19th VE Celebrations down at the Community Centre

May 19th Michaelmas Fair 2014 photos added

May 28th Smallbridge deliveries by Lighter

June 4th Smallbridge mysterious rail track

July:- various Minor updates

August 18th Guestbook added - lets hope it doesnt get abused

Sept 18th - no entries to Guestbook, waste of time so now deleted

Sept -Many minor updates throughout the month

Oct- Major updates on the Mount Bures site with the Newman and Cant family

Oct- Wind and WaterMills at Bures

Oct - Smallbridge Mill and Smallbridge Mystery Track added

Dec- Could Tube trains becoming to the Branch Line?

Dec- History of Cuckoo Barn