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Updates 2016

January 10th:- Update Planters

January 22nd - Life at Smallbridge School

January 22nd - Smallbridge roof restoration

Jan/Feb - Researching the ownership of Planters with Essex Records Office

Jan 10th - Start of development on the packing shed land, opposite Pikes Marsh

March 18th - Visit by a party from Alabama, USA to the village

March 26th - Ferriers added

April 1st - Update to rail history page with 1925 timetable

April 7th - Major updates to the Ferriers and Mayflower pages

April 20th Quoits page updated

April 21st - Herbert Pelham autobiography published

April24th - 2016 inaugural Quoits match

April 25th - Plans for 85 new properties along Colchester Road

May 1st - Puritans of East Anglia

May 8th - Directory of Services updated

May 8th - Additional Quoits bed installed

May 19th - Reseacher visits Bures from Boston USA

May 31st - update and additional pages to Ferriers re Pelham

June 20th - Excavations at Lt Ropers Farm

July 30th - River Stour runs dry

Aug 3rd - New Development B1508

Sept 6th -Bures Mill Weir Construction 1937

Sept 20th - another yarn from the village

Sept 29th - Dunstead, Sudbury Rd

Nov 15th - update Lt Ropers Dig

Nov 16th - Life in a Suffolk Village added

Nov 28th - Slaughter House land update

Dec 6th - Additional Page added to Mayflower

Dec 12th - Major Update to MayFlower pages

Dec 30th - History of the Common Land







Updates 2017

January 9th - Devastating Fire at Ravensfield

January 10th - Dr Thomas Wood update

January 11th - addition - Suicide on the railway

January 11th -update to Cricket Match reports circa 1800

January 13th - Bowls Club

January 13th - update to Cricket page, new results posted

January 31st - Post Office major update

January 31st - California visit to Bures

February 2nd - Almshouse update with Newspaper cutting

February 9th - Smallbridge Retirement Home

February 9th - Pelham/Winslow/Waldegrave link discovered

February 12th 2017 Branch Line News

February 23rd Night Soil Man

February 23rd Branch Line page

February 23rd River House

February 23rd Maltings

March 2nd Coffee Tavern

March 2nd Newspaper Reports 2

March 18th : Plans for the new building on the Common

March 25th Update Bures Workhouse page

April 2nd - Update Moat Farm

April 16th - Bures Common Building work commenced

June 25th - update Ferriers history

June 25th - Bures Grammar School

June 28th - Clearance of Slaughter House site

July 8th -Womens Institute

No updates, busy writing a book

Aug 15th Smallbridge School update about Copford

Aug 28th Major update to Dunstead, new Todhunter addition

Sept 1st Bures, worst neighbour

Sept 14th Visit from Portland,Oregon

Sept 19th Bures Fire painting by Winston Churchill 1928

Oct 28th Slaughterhouse Development to be known as Apple Tree Mews

Nov 6th Katherine Carr update with Bures Home Fund

Nov 27th Bures Wildlife Walk Leaflet added

Dec 3rd - Deaves family

Dec 7th - Eves family

Dec 20th - Major update on the Deaves family

Dec 28th - Secretaries

Dec 28th - White House