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Updates and new information

2011 to 2013
2014 -2015

2016- 2017
2018 -2019
2020 -2021

Updates 2018

Jan 2nd:- Corn Hall

Jan 18th :- Deaves pages increased from 1 to 6

Jan 20th :- St Stephens Chapel expanded

Jan 21st :- Family link between the Waldegraves and Proberts

Jan25th:- Waldegraves pages moved and expanded

Feb 20th:- AppleTreeMews update

Feb 28th :- Ferriers Barn, its History

March 14th:- Colchester Rd Development

March 14th: Secretaries name

March 19th:- Petre family at Ferriers

March 21st:- Queen visits Smallbridge

April 8th :- Major update to Slaughterhouse Development

June 8th: Pont Data, Smallbridge

June 12th: Henry Liam Ward, RA - Smallbridge

June 16th:- Bures Steel Quoits

June 22nd:- Colchester Road, Garage Development

July 8th ;- Planters update

July 15th: Barn on the Common, new photos

August 25th:- Ferriers Manorial Court

September 8th:- Ferriers Wind and Water Mills (New Discovery)

September 18th:- Fysh House Farm Fires

September 22nd:- Total re-launch of Colchester Rd Development

September 22nd:- 2018 Rail page updated

October 13th - Smallbridge School, Christmas Party

October 16th - Cansdale family

November 13th- John Nash RA

December 12th- Update Bures Dragon text

December 16th- Bures Common Land Financial Report

December 18th - Almshouses updated


Updates 2019

Jan 20th - Bures Wharf

March 27th - Ferriers Barn development

April 24th - Spouses Vale update

April 25th - Arger Fen update

April 27th - Bures Quoits first match 2019

May 5th - Bures Dragon, Water Meadows and St Stephens Chapel updates

May 16th - Chapel Barn roof renovation

June, Major Updates on:-
Colchester Rd Garage Planning applications
Ferriers Development
Water treatment Works 1
Water treatment Works 2