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Bures Community Centre 1961 >

The Community Centre in Nayland Road was opened in 1961 and replaced the Victory Hall, which stood on the site of todays Car Park

Mrs St Osyth Wood initially gave the community a gift of £500 to start a fund raising initiative to provide funds for a new Village Hall.
The Parish Councils first option was to erect a timber building at a cost of £3,000.

Firstly, Mrs Wood was not in favour of replacing the wooden Victory Hall with another timber building.
Secondly, as far as I am aware the Community did not come forward and add any further money to the £500 she initially donated.
She then proposed to the Management Committee that she would provide the necessary funds for a new purpose brick built Village Hall.

Subsequently she donated £7,000 and with her contacts, managed to gain a further £3,500 from the Ministry of Education

The land on which the village hall was built was entrusted to the Management Committee on 11th March 1960 for a peppercorn rent.

The building was completed and officially opened on Saturday 8th April 1961

The first tenants of the village hall were Charles Peacock then chairman of Bures Hamlet Parish Council, Ronald Mansfield chairman of St Mary's Parish Council
and Arthur Desmond Rowley Heyland.

The village hall was refurbished 2007/08 and was then renamed the
Bures Community Centre.

Suffolk Free Press dated Nov 1960

Suffolk Free Press Jan 1961

Suffolk Free Press March 1961
<<<<<<<Plaque inside the Community Hall foyer.

I doubt very much, if anyone knows the
significance of this text !!!

Further information on Mrs St Osyth Wood

Research by Alan Beales March 2011