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Butlers Farm, Colne Road


The property can be dated to approximately 1680, however its origins are much earlier as other records indicate there were dwellings on the site from the early 14th century
It once belong to the vast estates of the College of Stoke by Clare, which held vast swathes of land in Bures Hamlet.

Essex Records Office has it mentioned in the Will of John Harvey, of Bures Hamlet, Butcher, 6th November 1759.

Quote "Codicil:- 22 August 1763. Revokes annuity of £5 to daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Leswell,and confirms the annuity of £9 to w. Ann, and £5 to daughter Ann, but charges the former be charged on his farm and lands called Butlers in Bures Hamlet

Although they are footpaths across the farmland, do respect Butlers being Private Property,

Public Footpath across the Farmland

Farmhouse circa 2000

Painting by Elizabeth Laurie of Butlers, circa 1945 -1950


To the rear of Butlers Farm are the remnants of Nurses Wood
which dates back to the Middle Ages.

1876 OS map

During 1946/47 the War Agricultural Committee,
authorised the wood to be removed and the land used for the production of food.

The circular road way (A and B) was constructed inside the wood in 1943 by the United States Army Air Force to facilitate the storage of munitions

The removal of the Wood exposed this road network.

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Published 01/12/2019