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New residential development in Bures St Mary

These series of images have been taken at suitable intervals,
Commencing January 2014



Site Plan published by Persimmon renaming "Braeburn Gardens" to "Pikes Marsh", November 2013

First Edition 25 inch Ordnance Survey of 1885
This land included two 'ruinous' houses on the Nayland Road, one of which was known as Pike House and was associated with ground called Pikes Acre and a marsh called Pikes Marsh.

Acknowledgment to Leigh Alston, village historian.

Ground which has previously been "Pile Driven" now subject to excessive flooding.
According to one local resident the Site Forman allegedly said "that he couldn't understand Persimmon purchasing this land which was subject to such a high water table and how it has caused a myriad of problems"

So what happens when you block up a ditch ?

On the Western boundary of this development runs a ditch, Discharging north from the fields and south to an outlet.
This has now become blocked with topsoil from excavating

Its new route now runs down a public footpath


see update March 2015, remedial action taken




Update February 2015.
The developers have now landscaped over this ditch with a selection of hedgerow shrubs(See left to the line of trees)

Water is still flowing in the northern end from the fields, but with no outlet.
Allegedly, the new residents have complained about flooding during heavy periods of rain.

see Photograph Album


What about H & S, especially in the wet and icey conditions ?

Even the blue bins are laying at an angle.

Looking towards the development across to the village
April 25th 2014

Taken from footpath, top of Friends Field
April 25th 2014
Note, how the properties are at least 3 metres below the normal ground level

No further photographs were taken until completion, with so much work going on it was difficult to obtain any meaningfull images

>>>>>Completion Nov 2014

updated 26/05/2014