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Dupont and Orttewell Ironmongers
Bures and Sudbury

A variety of implements manufactured by either Dupont or Orttewell
Not convinced that Dupont (or later Brands) manufactured all these items at Bures,
considering they were only in the High Street.
They may well have been agents, as they were with the Meryweather Fire Pump.

Hay Rake images donated by Colin Sycamore.

This horse drawn hay rake was saved by my father Kenneth (Ken ) Sycamore whom we recently lost, a Bures man since his birth in 1938.

It was only brought by him as a "yard ornament " as he would have been attracted by the C DUPONT BURES cast into the wheels.

This gun was for sale recently at Clarke and Simpson Auctioneers near Woodbridge.
Described as :-
British double-barrelled "coach gun" shotgun in 20 gauge calibre.
The rifle is in neat and used condition. It cocks and closes neatly and internally the barrels are quite smooth with some pitting (mainly at the end of the chambers). The rifle is made by the British gunmaker Dupont & Orttewell from Sudbury and features British black powder test bench stamps.

Wagon dated 1910 sold by Dupont & Orttewell
The Bures Post Office was on the opposite side of the road,
along the High Street


Dupont Sugar Beet Shredder to manufacture cattle food.
For Sale by Clarke and Simpson, Auctioneers, Woodbridge 2015,
valued at £20 -£40

This extract taken from a local Hartest Magazine describing their first horse drawn Merryweather Fire Pump.
So Dupont and Orttewell were now the distributors of Fire fighting equipment.
Coincidentally, Bures Fire Service also had a Merryweather Fire Pump.

Quote:- This pump, which was also horse-drawn, was made by Merryweather, and currently displays the livery of Boxted Hall, although, on closer inspection the name Hartest can be seen underneath, having been painted over.

This may be the engine in a picture in Jo Pask's file. Records show that this engine was bought by Charles Wade on 27 October 1931 from DuPont and Orttewell in Sudbury for £3. Wade is a former owner of Snowshill Manor, and it is assumed that DuPont and Orttewell may have been dealers.

End casting on Mangle

Kindly donated by Jennie Jordon (Sudbury)

Agents for McCormick Binders
(Stock Photo)

September 1919, Church`s Seeds in the High St, decided to sell one of their local farms.
Boardman and Olivers, Estate Agents conducted the Sale.
A McCormick, 6ft Binder realised £28
It was most likely purchased locally from Duponts.

Additional Information extracted from Kelly`s Trade Directory

1830:- Maria Dupont, Grocer and Draper

1839: John Dupont, Carpenter (by 1855 occupied the Ironmongers in the High St)

1844: Joseph Dupont,

1855-1859:- Joseph Dupont, Angel Inn.

1892 -1887:- Charles Dupont Ironmonger and Farmer

1887:- John Dupont and son Charles, Farmers possibly Lt Bevills

1895:-Philip Dupont, Coal Merchant and Cartage. Also agent for the Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.

1922:- Philip Dupont , Coal Merchant, Bures Hamlet

Published 26/11/2021
Updated 01/12/2021

Alan Beales