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The biography of Rev Arthur Hanbury founder of the Bures Primary School

Founder of the Bures Primary School.

Arthur has always been perceived as just a humble village vicar, but in reality he came from a wealthy family.
In today's era, the family were most probably multimillionaires.
Here I will detail briefly his family background

Arthur Hanbury
was born 1880 in Coggeshall, the son of a wealthy landowner and banker family.

(Arthurs GreatGrandfather)John Hanbury(b1700) m Anna Osgood (b ? D1734)
One son Osgood

(Arthurs Grandfather)Osgood Hanbury(1732-1784) m Mary Lloyd
Occupation Tobacco Broker in London
Children which included John


John Osgood Hanbury (1765 - 1852)who married Susannah Barclay (1769 - 1818) living at Holfield Grange, Coggeshall.

They had the following children: Osgood (1794), Robert (1796), Henry(1798) Mary(1800), Arthur (1800) Philip (1802), Rachel(1810), Ann(1811), Susan (1812) and Sampson(1813)

The two significant children to follow are Arthur and his brother Osgood

His brother Osgood Hanbury Jnr (b1794 - 1873) later married Elenor Willtree Hall.
This union also gave rise to yet another Osgood (1827 - 1882)

Here are a selection of Arthur`s family business interests:-

From the press cutting (right) his great-grandfather John, was involved in the slave trade.
Mrs Barnbard was his sister Ann Hanbury
They had also had interests in trading tobacco

The Hanburys were also bankers in Lombard Street, London
The origins of "Barnetts, Hoares, Hanbury & Lloyd" date back to 1728.
Osgood Hanbury(b1794) on the electoral Roll, was recorded as living at the bank in 1834.

Osgood Hanbury (b1794) of Coggeshall and Osgood Hanbury Jnr (b1827) of Howe Hatch near Brentwood were both Directors as recorded in 1867

The Bank was subsequently taken over by Lloyds in 1884

Arthurs Grandfather (b1732) was married to a Mary Lloyd - was she part of the Lloyds Banking family ?

Truman, Hanbury and Buxton were brewers and owners of many public houses in the south east of England.
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Company Limited was a London brewer with records stretching back as far as 1666.
Until circa 1970 Truman Hanbury and Buxton operated a Brewery and Bottling plant at West Bergholt .
Their interest also extended to the Maltings located beside the Railway Station in Bures. In its latter years it supplied the malt to the West Bergholt works.

All three families were related to each other by marriage.

The Manor of Mount Bures
Mary and Edward Cressener sold the Manor which included the Mount Bures Hall and Fen House in 1750 to John Hanbury (b1700). The Hanburys owned considerable property in Bures St Mary including The Mill.
John Osgood Hanbury (b1765) eventually sold the Manor to Abraham Newman in 1790

Osgood Hanbury (Grandfather) was also mentioned in this notice from an Ipswich newspaper:
For bargain and sale of Great Ropers, Bures St. Mary, and lands in Nayland, by Philip Bennet, Esq. to Osgood Hanbury, Esq., 1763;

Osgood Hanbury, Arthurs father owned 495 acres of land in Bures, the largest landowner in the community.
Osgood owned "Bures Hall" now Nether Hall down by The Mill

Returning now to Arthur, who was to follow a more frugal life.

Arthur attended Trinity College Cambridge.

After he obtained his BA he was ordained by the Lord Bishop in Norwich Cathedral on June 8th 1827
He remains at Norwich for a few months before being posted to Bures to become Vicar in 1828

Extract from the "Christian Review 1828."

On 13th August 1829 he married Jessie Scott (b 1801 d1864) daughter of Archibald Scott
The marriage records show they married in St Mary`s, Marylebone, London
Not in Bures !

This union led to the birth of six children:-
Arthur (b1830), Walter George(b1835), Archibald (b1832), Hubert Henry (b1839), Jessie
and Mary(b1837)

(1) Arthur Jnr was born on 20th Dec 1830 and later became Curate of St Mary`s at Bures

(2)Hubert also followed in his fathers footsteps to become Curate of St Paul in Brighton

(3)Walter married Elizabeth Lempriere

(4) Jessie no trace

(5) Archibald no trace

(6) Mary married Rev Philip Gurdon in 1859, the Gurdon family were heavily involved in the churches at Assington, Bures and Mount Bures.
One family member owned Assington Hall
The 1861 Census show them both living at the Vicarage with Philip as curate at St Marys, Bures
Mary unfortunately died by 1869

Marriage Certificate Signatures

Immediately becoming Vicar he sought provision for the local children schooling.

Now as we all know he was the founder member of the current Primary School which opened in 1840. Now we can see how his family connections placed him in a perfect position, to obtain the parcel of land on which our current school stands.

Interesting if you read the Indenture (Trust Deed 1839) concerning the parcel of land which was sold for the Present Primary School
It reads :- This indenture made between Osgood Hanbury of Hotfield Grange Coggeshall in the County Of Essex on the one part and Osgood Hanbury of Lombard Street, London, The Rev Arthur Hanbury, Vicar of Bures St Mary with Bures Hamlet, John Garrad of Bures St Mary Malster, John Boggis of the same place Farmer and Grimmard Wood of the same place Farmer………………………
( the latter three all churchwardens)

Also it reads
All that piece of parcel of land or ground lying and being in the parish of Bures St Mary aforesaid abutting north and south east of lands of the said Osgood Hanbury and south west leading from Bures to Nayland upon lands held by Thomas Scowan.
Land was held by Osgood Hanbury and Thomas Scowan,

For the price of £1.00

...........containing a measurement of 16 rods or thereabouts upon which said piece of land or ground thereof a school house which has lately been erected and built and is more particularly described by the plan.............
So the School House was already built in 1838, the date of this indenture.

Consequently Arthur Hanbury acquired the school building land for the price of £1 through his Father, Osgood Snr and brother Osgood Jnr


Arthur also published a book in 1833, "A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St. Peter, Sudbury, in the County of Suffolk, at the Annual Visitation of the Venerable the Archdeacon of Sudbury, on Wednesday 8th May 1933"
Publisher G.W. Fulcher.
Length 22 pages

Arthur Hanbury died in 1888, but at his funeral mention was made of his involvement with Education for the past 60 years.
This figure would take us back to 1928, the very year he arrived in the village and some 14 years before the opening of Bures Primary School.
Presumably Arthur had been involved with schooling possibly within the confines of the St Marys Church..

Family bible given by the Rev A Hanbury to my Great Grandfather

My Great Grandfather was John Howard son of Edward Howard and Sarah born at Rowhedge about 1834.
The family moved to Bures from Lamash between 1841-51 and resided at 26 Water Lane. John and his father Edward
both worked as maltster's labourers and John would have been about 16 at that time.
John was married in 1854 to Emma Boggis daughter of Edward and Harriet at Bures St Mary
They lived at 23 Brook Street, Bures.

All the children listed at the back, including my
Grandfather Charlie Frank b1875.

When looking at the handwriting in front and rear they 'could' be the same person as John Howard made his mark on his wedding certificate.
My Grandfather was a very religious man and I can only assume he took after his father.
In what connection and with no date which is really frustrating I really cannot say, But John and the Rev Hanbury must have
known each other very well.

I have attached also the wedding details of John Howard:-

John Howard (age 20) married 29th September 1854 to Emma Boggis ( age 20)
at Bures Parish Church
Witnessed by:-
Edward Howard labourer father of John
Edward Boggis labourer father of Emma

John presumably couldnt write as he left his mark (X) on the marriage certificate

Acknowledgment to Pat Yates from Cambridge, July 2013 for kindly donating this information

Researched by Alan Beales
Taken from Ancestry,co,uk and various web sources
Trinity College, Cambridge records