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Did Winston Churchill visit Bures, after painting the Chambers Garage Fire, 1928 ?


Winston Churchill 1928


From the previous page, we know that Winston Churchill painted the Chambers Fire in 1928

Rumour has it, that on a visit to the local area, Winston made a detour to visit Bures.

Currently unsubstantiated.




<<Courtesy of National Trust


These are images of Churchills Studio at Chartwell,
all displaying the Bures Fire.


What is even more intreaguing, is the Press Cutting from the Suffolk Free Press dated 23rd July 2017


An 80-year-old vintage taxi with a unique place in the history of Sudbury will make its first public appearance in decades at Newton Green next month. The six-cylinder, 16-horsepower Austin taxi was once used by Elsie Elliston in order to transport King George VI and Winston Churchill to private war-time engagements in the Sudbury area.

“Elsie took King George VI from Sudbury railway station to Acton airfield when he came to visit injured servicemen, and carried Winston Churchill when he came to the area during the war.”

So did "Winnie" really visit Bures ?


alan beales