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Tender & Specifications to local Builders to construct a new Village Hall.

Pudney, Pilgrim and Deaves were invited to submit a quote for the work.

Replacement Village Hall open for Tenders
25th November 1959

Hall Specification amounts to 70 pages

Estimate cost of roof £265.3.0

Work offered to Deaves Builders in Bures

Part of the original plans which have been reduced by 60% to fit on screen



We must not forget:-

The Hall was financed by Mrs St Osyth Wood with a £7,500 donation, with the remainder of £3,500 coming from the Ministry of Education
The land on which the village hall was built was entrusted to the Management Committee on 11th March 1960 for a peppercorn rent.
The building was completed and officially opened on Saturday 8th April 1961
The first tenants of the village hall were Charles Robert Peacock then chairman of Bures Hamlet Parish Council, Ronald Arthur Mansfield chairman of St Mary's Parish Coucil and Arthur Desmond Rowley Heyland.
The village hall was reburbished 2007/08 and was then renamed Bures Community Hall.

Acknowledgement to:-
Archived records of Pudneys at Colne Engaine