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Sir Richard Waldegrave MP settled in Bures 1375 and married Joan de Bures 1362 of Smallbridge Hall,
widow and Heiress of Robert de Bures


Sir Richard Waldegrave of Smallbridge served in AginCourt d1434 Buried in Bures Church


Sir William Waldegrave d1461


Sir Thomas Waldegrave knighted on Towton Field 1461, d1472 Buried Bures Church


Sir William Waldegrave of Smallbridge, High sheriff of Essex and Suffolk 1552
Built Bevills 1465 for his son and the Waldegrave Chapel (inside Bures Church) 1514
Present at the Fields of Cloth and Gold, d1528 Buried Bures Church


Sir George Waldegrave of Bevills d1528, Buried Bures Church


Sir William Waldegrave High Sherriff, Governor of Calais d1554, Buried Bures Church


Sir William Waldegrave, nearly bankrupt to rebuild Smallbridge Hall to entertain Queen Elizabeth1, 1561 and 1578.
Raised 500 Troops to against the threatened Spanish Armada
d1613, Buried in Bures Church


Henry Waldegrave owner of Bevills 1600


William Waldegrave of Bevills who further impoverished the family, by supporting the Royalists in the Civil War
He died 1648 at the time of the Siege of Colchester

(Possibly Williams two daughters)

Jemima Spelman of Bevills b1634 d early 18th Cent
also Elizabeth Barrington b1637, d1718 at Bevills

This is when the Waldegrave association with Gt Bevills ended
The Bevills connection then continued through the Earls Colne line via Dorothy,
daughter of William Waldegrave d1500

Dorothy Waldegrave m Arthur Harris
Sir William Harris d1616
Alice Harris m Henry Mildmay
Alice Mildmay m Richard Harlackenden of Earls Colne Priory
Mary Harlackenden m David Androwes
Anne Andrews m John Wale of Earls Colne Priory
Ann Wale m John Holgate of Earls Colne Priory
Charles Holgate
Ann Holgate

Thomas Probert, Rector of Gt Yeldham m Rebecca Carwardine (sister of Thomas Carwardine who married Ann Holgate)
Ann Holgate daughter of the above Charles Holgate. Died 1817 at Earls Colne Priory)