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Here is a miscellaneous selection of Busky`s Paintings.


Girl on Bridge

Butlers Farm, Bures

Mill Hotel, Sudbury

Water Meadows, Sudbury

George Baker with his two dogs, walking through the woods at Butlers Farm.
Busky donated this painting to me possibly back in 2004.
It proudly hangs on the wall in my study

George (Quark) Baker shared a site with William Woolston (Norfolk Bill) in a small wood attached to Butlers Farm.
They were both crofters and often helped out at the local farms.

Busky`s charcoal drawing of their two shepherd huts.

Unfortunately, I have found no photos or paintings of William.

Read their full story here

Possibly based on a self portrait of Busky, helping one of the Crofters
during bad weather

George (Quark) Baker
He would often be seen riding his bicycle around Bures,
being permantly teased by the local children

All these images are available in the public domain
Published 02/09/21
Alan Beales

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