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Church`s Seed Merchants have been located in the village centre since 1913.


William Church the founder was born in Birch, near Colchester in 1878. In 1902 William moved to Specks Farm, Lamarsh where he started farming and after producing a surplus of seed, he decided to sell it to his neighbours.
This was the birth of the seed company which today still bears his name.
Business flourished and it was inevitable he would soon require larger buildings in which to trade from.

W. A. Church finally moved into the village on April 13th 1913, when he purchased the Old Tannery (adjacent to the Angel Inn) in the High Street for £500. This was the beginning of their long association with Bures.

This invoice was discovered during 2011 by Tony Page of Pebmarsh, while sorting through old farm documents.

It was subsequently donated to Robert Church and it`s the oldest invoice currently held on record at Head Office.


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Sometime during the 1910, William invested in the agricultural business of Brands (Bures) which had fallen on hard times.

The new company was then known as "Brand and Church Ltd" until 1921 when it was dissolved.
Brands continued to trade in the High Street well into the 1950`s

William died in 1919, but the business passed on to other family members where it continued to flourish.

With the change from sack to Bulk handling it soon became apparent that the Warehouse in the High Street could not keep up with demand. Fortunately in 1969, a riding stable and bungalow came up for sale at Arger Fen which was suitable for relocation.
This is now their main storage and bulk delivery centre transporting seeds across the UK and overseas.

Administration Office,
High Street
Yard Entrance, High Street.
Their main Warehouse is now located adjacent to Arger Fen.
This storage facility allows for the bulk transport of seeds.


For a more detailed information on W. A. Church (Bures) Ltd, visit their own web site at www.churchofbures.co.uk

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History reproduced courtesy of W. A. Church (Bures) Ltd