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Stanley and Barry Deaves, Builders at Bures



Charles Deaves lived in Colchester Rd.
Now occupied by Hamlet Court

Charles, Eliza, Stanley, Barry and Christie


Charles Deaves

Genealogy of the local Deaves family
(The Deaves family tree is far to extensive to publish)

Charles Deaves (left) born Nayland 7/2/1857. Buried Bures 15/11/1935
married Eliza Wheeler (right)born Colchester 1857, Buried Bures 6/6/1931

Three children:-

(1)Stanley Wheeler Deaves born Nayland 25/06/1883 Buried Huntingdon 20/12/1973
(2)Barry Charles Deaves (bottom) born Nayland 1855, buried Bures 1962

After Barry passed away the business continued to be managed
by one of the Deaves daughters ( currently name unknown)

By 1893 Charles and his family were living in Colchester Rd, Bures
(3)Christie William Deaves (top) born Bures 1/11/1893. Buried 14/1/1975 Surrey

During the 1900`s, a William Deaves was also trading as a builder located in Nayland

Stanley Deaves sitting outside the Eight Bells PH

Christie Deaves

Barry Deaves

Eliza Deaves

Barry and Stanley playing Bowls
Stanley Deaves



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