Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet


Stanley and Barry Deaves, Builders at Bures




Photograph taken of Stanley Deaves at the opening of the War Memorial in 1928

Charles Deaves with Christie, Barrie together with their mother Elisa.

Family Group

Genealogy of the local Deaves family
(The Deaves family tree is far to extensive to publish)

Charles Deaves (left) born Nayland 7/2/1857. Buried Bures 15/11/1935
married Elisa Wheeler (right)born Colchester 1857, Buried Bures 6/6/1931

Three children:-

(1)Stanley Wheeler Deaves born Nayland 25/06/1883 Buried Huntingdon 20/12/1973
(2)Barry Charles Deaves (bottom) born Nayland 1855, buried Bures 1962

After Barry passed away the business continued to be managed
by one of the Deaves daughters ( currently name unknown)

By 1893 Charles and his family were living in Colchester Rd, Bures
(3)Christie William Deaves (top) born Bures 1/11/1893. Buried 14/1/1975 Surrey

During the 1900`s, a William Deaves was also trading as a builder located in Nayland

Stanley Deaves sitting outside the Eight Bells PH

Christie Deaves

Barry Deaves

Stanley Deaves

Deaves as Blacksmiths
Bures Hamlet opposite the Eight Bells PH

Charles Deaves, Blacksmith recorded in 1917, 1922, and 1929

1936 Barry Deaves inherited Blacksmiths with the three blacksmiths cottages

Barry Charles Deaves recorded as Blacksmith in 1937.
Charles Deaves died in 1935 aged 79yrs.
Barry Deaves died in 1962 aged 76yrs

Although Barry Deaves was listed as the owner,
he never actually carried out any of the manual work.
His trusty worthy staff were Charlie Martin and Bill Watson.


Deaves owned the Gas Works

In 1859, it was owned by Charles William Grimwood, Mr Barry Deaves was the operator and Mr Goody the secretary and manager.

By 1929 it was known as "The Consumer's Gas & Coke Co.Ltd". with Mr B.C.Deaves as Managing Director and S.W.Hume as Secretary.

1939 Barry Deaves takes over the liquidation of the Gas and Coke Company



Deaves owned the Colchester Rd, Garage

The garage was built on the site of the redundant Gas Works, owned by Barrie Deaves

Local builders who worked for Barrie Deaves (builder) constructed the site, which included David Vango, George Springett and Peter Norris in addition to the mechanics working in the garage opposite.

Charles Deaves lived in Colchester Rd.
His workshops were located on the land now occupied by Hamlet Court
This is the only original property now standing on that land, so it was most possibly the home of Charles.
Deaves were also undetakets in Bures and somewhere nearby
was the site of the Mortuary

Tendering for an extension to the War Memorial

In March 1947 urged on by the local branch of the British Legion, the Parish Council was asked to initiate steps to commemorate out lost soldiers
After much debate it was agreed that the cost of engraving the names on the War Memorial should paid for by money raised by public donations

It was nearly five months before a a sub-committee consisting of Mr. Creek. Mr. Barry Deaves,
Mr. Stanley Deaves,
Mr. Webber and Mr. Drake, was appointed to obtain estimates for the addition of the names and for the necessary repairs.
It took another four months, for the sub-committee to propose that two new tablets be provided, one to list the names of those who died on active service and one to bear the names of those who were killed in the village as a result of enemy action.

Mr. Barry Deaves, the local builder, had estimated the sum of £11/55d for taking down and replacing firmly the old memorial, cleaning and painting the railings and putting down a concrete plinth for the new tablets
Watts Stonemasons of Colchester quoted £16/10d. for supplying and fixing the tablets plus 10/- per dozen letters to be cut.
The sub-committee accepted these estimates and the next task was to raise the necessary funds to cover the cost of this work.

With the necessary funding in place the work was authorised with Mr Barry Deaves and Watts the stonemasons at Colchester



Interesting transcript of a meeting to extend the War Memorial



Stanley Deaves on the subcommittee to authorise the necessary work, together with this brother Barry
Barry gets the work.


Employees of Barry Deaves. 1960 -1965
However the business was still trading as Chas Deaves
Barry passed away in 1962, the business continued to trade managed by one of his daughters ( name unknown)
Harry Morton Dennis Bailey Fred Beard George Springette Robin Springette Peter Cousins
Hubert Underwood Syd Rowe David Vango Eric Hicks Jim Fisher Frede Redditt
Roy Hartley Ron Hicks David Keeble Fred Staples Doug Hume Laurence Block
Jack Godward John Cole Claude Heard Peter Norris Fred Emeny

List kindly supplied by David Vango

Barry Charles Deaves Memorial Stone, Bures Cemetery

Inscription reads
In Loving Memory of Mabel Enid Deaves
Dearly beloved wife of
Barry Charles Deaves
Who died Fed 14th 1953
Aged 57 years


Barry Charles Deaves
Who died Jan 9th 1962
Aged 76 years

Charles and Eliza Deaves, Double Sided Memorial Stone in Bures Cemetery

Inscription reads
Eliza dearly beloved wife of Charles Deaves
Who departed this life 6th June 1931
in her 74th year
Peace, Perfect Peace

Inscription reads
Also of
Charles Deaves
Who departed this life Nov 15th 1935
in his 79th Year

Michael Deaves
( family details to follow)

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