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New residential development in Bures St Mary

These series of images have been taken at one monthly intervals,
Commencing March 2013


Final Plans accepted by Babergh 2012

Persimmon named the road to the north Braeburn Gardens.

Bizarre considering the Braeburn Apple originated in New Zealand and this orchard stocked english variety of apples.

This web site wrote to Persimmon pointing out this anomaly and suggested a more appropriate name

Site Plan published by Persimmon renaming Babergh Gardens to Pikes Marsh, November 2013

First Edition 25 inch Ordnance Survey of 1885
This land included two 'ruinous' houses on the Nayland Road, one of which was known as Pike House and was associated with ground called Pikes Acre and a marsh called Pikes Marsh.

Acknowledgment to Leigh Alston, village historian.

Worked commenced on the Persimmon Development,
25th March 2013


April 14th, the first house starts to take shape

April 20th, foundations for three houses now established
May 21st - Claypits avenue left, Friends Field right

May 22nd - Looking north from Eves Orchard bungalows
June 5th, Auger arrives on site for foundation work

July 1st 2013. one house under construction

July 21st 2013, road now constructed

August 18th
Sept 14th

When is a chimney not a chimney ?
When its made of Fibre Glass with no flue rising from the ground floor.
NOTE:- this is very common in modern building techniques

Dont expect too much garden

October 22nd 2013

November 5th 2013

Dec 1st 2013 ( Panoramic view now taken from a different location)

December 31st 2013
Properties to the right ( pink, green etc) now occupied

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