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George and Sidney Eves, living in Bures circa 1910




George Eves (1849- 1942), was a postman in Bures, who retired 1908
He received a Kings award from the Royal Mail for his services.

Sidney (1883-1966)was his son and the local carpenter/builder

Census taken 1911, Postal Address at that time would most probably be in Water Lane

George Eves b1852 Alphamstone d1942 London

Ellen Eves b1848 Gt Henny d1948 Islington

Amy Mary Eves: dau b1871 Alphamstone

Sidney William Eves: son b1883, d Halstead 1966

Rose Ellen Eves: dau b1885

Delsey Sarah Cooper: dau b1875

Doris Lillian Cooper: Granddaughter b1909

Stories derived from members published on the Bures Message Board
I have a press cut out relating to my Great Grandfather George Eves who was a postman in Bures in the 19th century.
(This has now been published on the "Post Office" web page)

My father was Owen Cooper(b1901) son of Sidney C Cooper and Delsy Sarah Eves. Sidney was a Baker in Bures in 1902. I understand that Delsy was a teacher in Bures at the same time they later moved to Braintree.

The families all originated in either Lamarsh or Bures with the Coopers in Lamarsh and the Eves in Bures and because of the stability of them being in the area they are interwoven with other families in the area Eg Messants, Goldsmiths, Haywards, Sach's, Sycamores. They all go back a long way in the area I understand as far as the Middle ages.

My Great Grandfather Charles Cooper was the Innkeeper of the Lamarsh Lion. the farm behind it Edgars Farm along with Hill farm was farmed By William and later Sarah Goldsmith after he died and was later farmed by Thomas Goldsmith Cooper my Grand father Sidney's, Brother.

As a child I was brought to see Uncle Sid (Eves) who lived in a thatched cottage somewhere near Water Lane. I have lost contact with all of them as later generations do who are not close. I was born in London and lived there until 1970's when I moved to Ipswich and worked in Colchester. In 1983 I moved for work to Norwich.

I would think that I have many relatives scattered about Bures, Lamarsh and surrounding area.

Mike Cooper (now living in Norwich)

Certainly I remember from childhood many mentions of Sidney Eves by my grandfather Stanley W Deaves, son of Deaves Builders in Bures, and who used to live in the Sudbury Road bungalow still named Hillside. That bungalow was built by Charles Deaves (my great grandfather) for William Moss (also my Great Grandfather) who was a great friend of a tea planter named Scowen who had the house called Planters in St Edmunds Lane.
It occurred to me long ago that there might have been a tie up between the EVES family and my own DEAVES family. Ealier records show we were once DEVES and that is only one letter more than EVES - and what's in one letter for a busy, possibly hard of hearing registration clerk 200 years ago?
We are probably related as my great great grandparents were Robert Salmon and Mary Ann Eves married 13 October 1836 Holy Innocents, Lamarsh.

Mary Ann's parents were Edward Eves and Mary Parson married 7 March 1815. They had:

Edward born 10 May 1815, baptised 6 August 1815 St Mary's, Great Henny
Mary Ann Eves was baptised 17 November 1816 at Alphamstone

I cannot find any other children baptised to this couple in Great Henny, Alphamstone, Twinstead, Pebmarsh, Bulmer or Wickham St Paul and the only baptism in Lamarsh is the one below for George. I have also checked on-line at Ancestry for any baptisms in Bures and cannot find any between 1817 and 1824.

George baptised 4 December 1825 Holy Innocents, Lamarsh

I believe Mary Eaves died Jul-Sep 1863, registered Sudbury
I believe Edward Eaves died Jul-Sep 1867, registered Sudbury
I cannot find burial records for either Edward or Mary in Great Henny or Lamarsh.
(Note the spelling of the surname, it changes even within the family!).

Edward Eves (senior) parents were:

John Eaves and Rose Tuffen married on 9 October 1785 at St Mary's, Great Henny. They had:

John Eaves baptised 7 January 1787 St Mary's, Great Henny
James Eaves baptised 18 August 1793 St Mary's, Great Henny
Edward Eaves (own one) baptised 15 March 1795 St Mary's, Great Henny
Samuel Eaves baptised 4 January 1798 St Mary's, Great Henny
Sarah Eaves baptised 19 October 1800 St Mary's, Great Henny. I found a burial record dated 5 January 1806 for Sarah Eaves at St Mary's, Great Henny

I found reference in the ERO parish records to a John Eves was buried St Mary's Great Henny on 23 April 1820 aged 63. He was living at Great Henny at the time of death. This would make his birth year about 1757.

I also found reference in the ERO records to Rose Eves buried St Mary's, Great Henny on 24 February 1844 aged 82. She was living at Pebmarsh at the time of her death. This would make her birth year about 1762.

George married Marianna White in Jan-Mar quarter 1847 registered Sudbury and they had George (your great grandfather) and I guess you know the rest.

I come down the line from Robert Salmon, through Alfred Charles (who had 13 children) through to my granddad Wilfred Jack. One of my granddads elder brothers was Edward George Salmon (known as Ted - who features on the bowling page of this wedsite). I was talking to my dad the other day and he remembers you uncle Sid. He told me that Uncle Ted used to live next door to him.

Helena Woolrich

Memorial Stone, Bures Cemetery

Whilst undergoing restoration work in Alphamstone Church during November 2017, a section of wood was uncovered with the Inscription :

Wet outside: Nov 1920 S.W Eves
with an additional inscription Alfred Newman aged 19

This would have been written by Stanley


Published 05/12/2017