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The River Stour runs dry at Bures !

River Stour Navigation between 1730 - 1930

Bures Mill

During early July 2016, debris ( possibly a tree trunk) from a storm swollen river became
lodged under the Weir gate at Bures Mill

The Weir was constructed in 1937, and is completely mechanical,
operated by a method of floats
which in turn control the Weir concrete barrier.

With the Weir gate being permanently jammed open,
water is escaping uncontrollably between Lamarsh Weir and the Mill

The Environment Agency are aware of this defect, at least since the 7th July when they
informed the general public of this problem

They would have been aware of the falling water level by the "Depth Sensors" located by the
B1508 bridge in the centre of the village

Normal summer flow of water at the Weir
Restricted Flow during July 2016
Taken from B1508 River Bridge looking north.
Look at the Jetty on the right side of river
River at the rear of properties along Colchester Rd -
Jetty high and dry
River at the rear of properties along Colchester Rd-
the water level is normally above the boundary wall
Jetty by the Millennium Bridge

<<<Taken from the Millennium Bridge

Images taken on 30th July 2016


Jetty in front of footpath to Colchester Rd, high and dry
Fish Ladder, just before the Mill Weir - dry
Mill Weir portage and fish channel totally dry
Update August 3rd

On the 2/3rd August representatives from The Environment Agency, Atkins Consultancy and Red Services were on scene to remove the debris and carry out a structural survey as part of ongoing long term maintenance work.

The procedure was to pump water into the Float Chamber, which would raise the Weir gate and release any obstructions.

Red Services were a team of divers who had travelled down from
They were on site to carry out any submerged work, if necessary to clear the lock debris.
Red Services normally work out of Grimsby, Deep Sea diving from Oil and Gas Rigs
Update August 4th

Within 24 hours of the debris being cleared, the river had risen dramatically with the water level quickly approaching its normal height.
The Fish Channel was again in full flow.
Water is also flowing out of the side channels which had previously dried-up.
Compare that to the top right image on this page.

Alan Beales
July 30th 2016
Update 02/08/2016