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Stour Valley Railway

Mount Bures Level Crossing

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Local information:-
During and after the War, a local "tank" loco would transport coal from March onwards to Marks Tey.
The load consisted of 600 tons of coal which amounted to 60 x 10ton trucks
On passing through Bures station they would have to climb the 1:90 Mount Bures bank passing over the level crossing then onwards to Chappel
It was not unusual for the loco to run out of traction the north side of the crossing and come to a grinding halt.

The local would reverse back to Bures station where a spare "tank" loco in the Bures yard would couple onto the rear truck
Both, would then shunt the load all the way back to Cornard.
Now with a full head of steam from both engines, pushing and pulling they would pass over the Mount Bures bank with a great gusto of steam and noise.

During 1943 to 1945, munition trains also used the same path conveying bombs etc to the Chappel yard
The locomotives used, were either British or Americal 2.10.0 WD which were specifically designed for heavy goods work
American servicemen and local residents would stand by the crossing gates waving and cheering as the locomotive came up the bank and passed through the gates belching smoke and steam on full power.

Courtesy of John Cowlin

<Typical 2.10.0 loco

Holden E4 (GER T26) 2-4-0
Passing Mount Bures Bank during the 1940`s

62785 was the last surviving loco of this class and can still be seen at the Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfolk.

156402, Class 156 Sprinter which has departed Bures
and traversing the 1:90 gradient towards the crossing

Nenta Railtour from Sudbury to York and return
Approaching the crossing gates along the Mount Bures Bank
Class 47 working hard with exhaust smoke 2006

New Stadler Class 755 in service on the branch line, 20th March 2020
Dual Mode: Capable of running on diesel or overhead electric.

It was promoted to operate direct from Sudbury into Colchester North/Town
This never materialised because of track difficulties at Marks Tey Station
The track crossing for pedestrians to the rear car park would require an expensive upgrade with warning lights and interlocking gates
This was quietly shelved by Network Rail

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