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River House alongside the River Stour

River House, the adjacent garage and the blacksmiths cottages were all one parcel of land possibly
as far back as 1830/40
William Dansy was the owner of a blacksmiths shop recorded in 1844.

George Cousins a licensee of the Eight Bells, acquired this property during 1907

The Cousin family operated a Coal Merchant business from this house during 1917

The House stands along the Colchester Road opposite the Eight Bells PH and only a few yards from the Boat House

Dated 2012

Circa 1900
Acknowledgment to Neil Lanham

It is thought the house may have been constructed during the 1830`s
This would coincide with occupation of the blacksmiths cottages, forge and the opening of the Eight Bells Hotel opposite

1876 map shows River House (Blue) and the plot of land to the north.
Blacksmiths cottages (Blue) and Forge (Green)
Black Circle:- Gas Works Holder


Map circa 1830 >>>>

1893 Charles Alleston ( see Notes below)
Charles father worked at the Tannery

1904 Charles Alleston

Charles Alleston, left
Dick Alleston, on lap
Ruby, middle ( born 1905)
Emily (nee Pettit), wife
on lap

1906 Charles Alleston trading as "Hay and Straw Merchant"


Acknowledgment Neil Lanham

1908, Alleston Family moved to Kersey,

Evening Star and Daily Herald, June 4th 1908

1908 George Cousins, Licensee of the Eight Bells Hotel opposite
see above advert, paid £435

d1908 left to Eliza Cousins and Clara Cousins
Bequeathed over to Edwin Cousins
Cal cousins intermarried to Henry Dessent and agreed to sell to Edwin

1924 Edwin Cousins

1929 Mrs Clara Dessent

May 1958 Edwin Cousins died sold

May 1958 Dr and Mrs John Davidson
Property now to become of the local Doctors and their Surgery

Oct 1959 Dr and Mrs John Davidson + Dr John Wallace

Jan1960 Dr John Wallace

May 1962 Dr J Wallace + Dr John Young

1965 Dr J Wallace and Mrs Una Wallace +Dr Young

April 1966 Dr Eleanor Marie Ettlinger
Doctors Waiting Room built 1966 by Deaves

1966- Janet and Douglas took over the garage next door and purchased the Doctors outbuilding and the strip of land to the side of River House

Dec 1966 Derek and Mrs Matthews

To date - Derek Matthews the current owner

<<<<<<< Please note the dates on the left are only approximations, give or take a year.


This extension was built in 1968 as part of the Doctors Surgery

The waiting room was inside River House.









Alleston Family

Charles Alleston father was Charles Alleston (Snr, b1848) who married Martha (nee Bonny)
Charles (snr) came from a family of 12, the majority working in the Tannery
Martha had a sister Sarah who married Tom Clark, both living at the Boat House

Charles Snr and Martha moved to London leaving Charles (jnr) to live with Marthas sister Sarah at the Boat House

Charles(jnr) moved into River House when he was 18/19, presumably married to Emily (nee Pettit)
He attended Sudbury Grammar School, travelling by pony there and back each day

Emily was born in Stratford St Mary and then moved to Bures Hall

By 1910 they moved out of the village to Kersey
Charles (jnr) died 1956 and buried in Bures Cemetery


Acknowledgment to Neil Lanham for the 1900 photographs taken from his book :- There`s a story that my mother told..")

Acknowledgment to Derek Matthew owner of River House for letting me view his deeds to the property.
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