Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet



Admissions to the School 1864 - 1888
Taken from hand written research notes by Mrs Howard
( Original author of log-book unknown)

Admitted 2 boys from the British School and one boy from the Dame school.
One boy left because a gentleman would pay for him to have a better education at the British School

Admitted 2 boys from the British School
A little boy left to go to the British School, as his aunt who is a Dissenter pays for him and wishes him to move to another school

Admitted 1 boy from Dame School
Admitted 3 boys from Dame School who do not know the alphabet and are quite ignorant of arithmetic and writing
Admitted 1 boy from Dame School who education has been neglected, his parents are Scottish
Admitted 2 boys from British School.

Admitted 1 child from Wiston and another from Cornard
2 boys left to live with their father at Writtle
1 boy left to live with his father at Assington

2 boys left to go to the British School, a Master having been engaged there recently.

Several references to one family returning after a long absence

Ezra Bower returned from the British School
We now have 70 children this July


1 boy newly admitted from British School
January, 9 boys admitted from British School

Reference to Mr Duponts boys being part timers ( presumably employed)

Wm Cursley of Halstead admitted. He is stopping in Bures until the completion of the new bridge ?
February - formally admitted a detachment of 25 boys from the Infants School

Admission from Mount Bures children in ones and two`s

April - formally admitted 20 scholars from the Infants School
April ……. The elder who is 14 has been attending Colne Grammar School and is barely able to work with the 4th standard, his younger brother knowing nothing whatsoever

October - references to several boys leaving who's parents have removed them from school this Michaelmas. This is the time when farmhands changed jobs

Admission to boy refused on account of his continued lateness

Boy admitted from Dame School at Wormingford

Boy admitted from British School, Sudbury

Herbert Clark aged 10 admitted, father just settling in village as a Dissenting Minister


(a) Girls seem to be in the minority at school
(b) 1880 - The bridge over the Stour was closed with the erection of a cast iron structure which is still in use today.
(c) Dame Schools had a varying degree of tuition. The worst were nothing more than child minders
(d) 1871 - this date seems to confirm the British School closure on page 2
(e) 1891 - strange that a Dissenting Minister should send his son to a Church School ?

This material originated from OCR scanning of notes written by Mrs Howard, Head teacher 1972 -1982
Acknowledgment to Marion Howard ( daughter)for allowing use of this material