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Education in Bures from  1582 until the present day

Over the years much research has taken place concerning the history of Bures Primary School.

This culminated in a book published in 2002 by Janet Lumley titled "A History Of Bures Church Of England Primary School 1839-2002"

Since that time additional information has now come to light from other researchers and the Records Office at Bury St Edmunds.

The majority of us consider our Primary School to be the first educational establishment in the village.
However, there is now evidence to support our first school was back in 1582

Here we have published this new research, which is an update to the existing book.

School Classrooms circa 1920

Originally published 15/12/2012
update 31/12/2012
Updated 26/6/2017

This information came from the notes of:
Mrs Howard HT from 1972 - 1982
Eileen King (nee Noble), Teacher circa 1960

Pat Creek daughter of Hugh Creek