Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet



Log Book Notes taken during 1938 -1945.
The Headmaster would have been Mr Creek


Considered it necessary to fit gas masks at the request of the Local ARP Committee, in view of the grave national emergency.
Upper boys are employed constructing an air raid shelter

Thirty two children evacuated from London to Bures because the war has started

Mrs Neil, mother of two evacuees children from Ilford visited the school to explain that she had come down to take her children and those of her two neighbours home.

She considered that with air raid shelters and eight barrage balloons in an adjacent park, they would be far safer at Ilford than Bures

Because of the cancellation of Bank Holiday consequence up the invasion of Holland and Belgium, I phoned the Education Committee and was instructed to open the school as usual on Monday

Wireless instruction from the Board of Education ordered schools in reception areas to re-open on Tuesday morning. Accordingly the school which should have opened on Monday was deferred until Tuesday

Representatives from the County Architects Dept called to take measurements for Air Raid Protection

Windows treated during the weekend with anti-splinter solutions and wire netting fixed to some of the windows.

In future when an air raid warning is given at night, school will not start until 10.00am

The school caretaker Mrs A Willingham seriously injured. Her husband who looks after the heating system was killed when their home in Nayland road was wrecked by a bomb

Mrs Willingham died this morning

Instructions received not to light the boiler until the temperature dropped to 50C

Sgt Conroy from West Suffolk Constabulary visited the school to explain the children the dangers of touching bombs

Senior children weighed and measured to check if they qualified for additional clothing coupons. Official forms were issued to those who qualified

Children of the senior class accompanied by the Headmaster dined with members of the American Air Force at a neighbouring Air Station ( editor - this no doubt would have been up at Wormingford)

Several windows damaged by blast from a German self propelled bomb, which landed in a field near to Bakers Hall this morning

Several children from "Fly Bomb Danger Areas" admitted to school this morning

During most of the day the Headteacher was engaged in finding billets for 15 unaccompanied evacuees from London who arrived unexpectedly the previous evening

School closed to celebrate Germany's surrender