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Health Problems at the School from 1863 - 1948
Taken from hand written research notes by Mrs Howard


Jan 1863
Fever now abated in school

June 1863
The smallpox has made its appearance in the village, Two boys sent home in the morning because of an outbreak in their family

Henry Cardy dies from inflammation
3 boys joined the infant school, one who is deaf and dumb

Scarlet Fever and the Measles in the village

Charles Deaves comes again after 3 months absence through illness

David Mole fell down in a fit, sent home

George Cook, Pupil 1 teacher, off sick nine weeks, Still seems very weak
Master felt he was still not well enough to receive tuition from him

George Cook again sick for 9 weeks. In May tried to return, half and hour here and there etc
Returned to full time work after 4 months of absence

George Cook ill again in June.
Sept to Oct substitute teacher arrived for girls PT

George Cook still off work

No longer any mention of George Cook
The Master, Mr H Johnson being advised by the Doctor to move away from Bures at once. Departs finally

(Jan) Ref to Charles Cook being seriously ill and returning to school
(Feb) The Master suffering from Neuralgia, then goes to see Dentist in Sudbury
(May) One or two boys kept away on account of a fatal dose of smallpox in the village
(May) A Kemp absent because he had no boots
(July) George French was drowned in the River Stour last evening
(Nov) B Horner absent because of no boots

(June) Rev Hanbury remarked on the small size of the lads in the first class, compared with those of last year
(Nov) Rev Hanbury pointed out that the school office required cleaning

Master suffering now suffering from rheumatism and headache (Neuralgia in 1880)
(Feb) Serious outbreak of measles amongst the younger children. The entire school now closed as a precaution. Lasted one month.
But even then several parents left messages to say their children would be unable to attend until after Easter
(March) No fresh cases reported
(Oct) Master absent with Scarletina, some scholars now absent with same complaint

Internal reports detail two epidemic reports and the Master still with Scartletina

Outbreak of Diptheria in the village

(Jan) William Death has ringworm
(June) Dr McDermot has notified to me that Arthur Howard is not in a fit state to attend school for the foreseeable future
(Sept) I hereby certify that Robert Hume has been absent from school the last 5 months on account of a very dangerous illness
and is now attending only half time ( signed E Woods School Manager)
(Oct) Similar notice that Fred Gardiner absent from 29/6 until 4/10 with accident to foot resulting in severe sprain.
Harry Hume absent 3 months, chronic dislocation of the arm, eventually went up to a London Hospital and underwent
an operation by means of Chloroform

Alfred Knott is suffering from debility and requires a change to the seaside

Rev E Woods advised the readmission of William Lester who has been suffering from a contagious skin disease
(Oct) Prevailing whooping cough
Walter Webber absent two weeks with fits

A Mussett, Rheumatic fever

HMI report refers to an epidemic of measles with school closed for 5 weeks
One boy has Pleurisy
William Cardy admitted after 5 months of sickness
Fred Webber absent 2 months with dangerous illness
Willie Ardley absent with Eriripelas (?)
Several references to delicate boys and other who live 2.5 miles from school

Absences with bronchitis, bad colds and feet

Arthur Candela who was unable to do his work in the examination on account of sickness and failed in two subjects, in consequence is now reported as dangerously ill
(April) Analysis of water supply from pumps and water from girls schoolhouse satisfactory.
Water taken from Boys schoolhouse and playground condemned
(April) Chas Gardiner sick one month with dislocated arm
(Nov) Two absences with Scarletina and one with scolds
(Dec) School closed for two weeks with Scarletina
References to school offices require cleaning

Accident during Christmas Holiday, Archie Eves fingers cut off in machine
R Pile severe scalds on legs from boiling water ( Masters son)
Boy from school called John Root appears to be quite an imbecile

(May) Willie Webber accidentally drowned in the river

Ten cases of Whooping Cough found by Attendance Officer

Applied to the "Sec of Ed" for 25 circulars pointing out the dangers to the boys of smoking

(Jan) School re-opened after being closed for 12 weeks.
The outbreak of Diphtheria seems to have died out, during this time 40 cases confirmed with 4 deaths

2 Teachers and 30% of scholars down with the flu, school closed

Reports of malnutrition
Managers opposed to the dissemination of birth control information in the school

Medical Officer ordered milk for some of the poorer children

Dentist reports 103 children required attention, only 17 were free from any immediate need
Parents of 47 assented to treatment

Canteen dinners started at 5d each meal, 32 children attending

Pasteurised milk being supplied

Whooping cough outbreak

Later references continue to report the state of the officers and the water supply being condemned

This material originated from notes written by Mrs Howard, Head teacher 1972 -1982
Acknowledgment to Marion Howard ( daughter)for allowing use of this material