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Organisational changes at the school from 1864 - 1888
Taken from hand written research notes by Mrs Howard


Jan 1864
Classes examined according to the New Code ,
Results very fair

Whole school examined for standards (most probably by the Master)

Made and sent out quarterly bills for the children who are paid for by the ladies and gentleman

(March) gave up night school for the season
(Sept) night school commences
(Oct) spoke to several boys who were behind with their payments

Classes rearranged to facilitate teaching
(Oct) the parents of two or three boys refuse to send the half penny for additional schooling

Rev Handbury brought particulars concerning the giving of a "School Certificate"
(Oct) Began to meet the Government returns in conforming to the New Education Act

Entry for May suggests the oldest children are located in Class 1 and the youngest in Class 6 but standards appear to be going in the opposite direction
(Dec) Inspector of Returns visits the school

Nov to March 1873 - School to assemble at 1.30pm and all subjects will be taken 25 minutes earlier than specified on timetable (school normally began at 1.55pm)
NOTE: did this enable the school to finish earlier because of the lack of interior lighting ?

(Sept) Commenced alteration in marking the register a per Circular July 1873
(Dec) Provision of Act to regulate the employment of children in agriculture, letters sent to parents

Record of school attendance book from Mr Charles Kirby, Brickfields.
He has entered the attendance of children who he has employed

A number of papers left by the Attendance Officer under the new Ed Act given out to the pupils
NOTE: This would be the 1876 Act which established the principle that all children should receive elementary education and the further restriction on their employment

(March) Mr Wells the Attendance Office took the names of several children who were irregular attendees

Honours Certificate and money given to Chas Crook and A Gilby

Honours Certificate given to Edward Manning
(April) the reason for C Crook and A Gilby fees are refused by the Dept is that they did not pass in specific subjects at the examination for the school year 1878/79
NOTE- attendance up to 10yrs of age compulsory by 1880, but older pupils could receive a Certificate then leave

(June) Enquired to Attendance Office for information about the Bye laws and how they affected pea picking
(Oct ) Rev Hanbury and Woods visited the school to enquire about how the New Code was working in a Small school
NOTE:- New Code 1871, The Devonshire Report urged that the older children in elementary schools should have more science teaching that the New Code encouraged
(Oct) More visits by the Attendance Officer and the Rev Handbury
NOTE; It is apparent from the frequency of these visits that regular attendance was a requirement for taking exams. On this criteria the school was expected to exercise great importance on register keeping accuracy

Granted several Proficiency Certificates to boys who passed Standard V at a recent examination.
NOTE :children could now leave and get a job

Factory Inspector called about the employment of some of the boys at the Brickfields

Entries in Log from Rev Woods about boys being absent with long illnesses and those very backward and dull in all subjects
NOTE: was he referring to those children off school?

District Bye laws now in operation for half time exemption and total exemption
NOTE: no idea what this refers too

This material originated from notes written by Mrs Howard, Head teacher 1972 -1982
Acknowledgment to Marion Howard ( daughter)for allowing use of this material