Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet





Bures Hamlet & Bures St Mary properties

connected to the mains sewer




From the documents I obtained, connecting Properties in Hamlet to the main sewer was a very convulated process

Local builders were given the chance to Tender for the work, but not as a complete package.
The documents I have seen, make no mention of how the Contractor was decided.

It appears if they were the chosen contractor, the District Surveyor (Halstead) would then draw up plans for every connection and submit that to the relevant certified builder (Pudney`s) to negotiate a fair price



Woolpits Downs at the bottom of Lamarsh Hill
The farm track is the bridleway to Ferriers



Here we have the District Surveyor accepting the tender from Pudney Builders, to connect Woolpit Downs to the main sewer.

The files I have on this work, contains a detailed description of the work involved to connect for every individial property to the main Sewer.
Literally dozens of letters and invoices

Left:- typical correspondence