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SmallBridge Hall:- Pont Data

This magnificent moated house, is believed to be one wing of a much larger Elizabethan mansion.
The house is surrounded by a moat and fronts onto the River Stour.


Greg Moore operating as Pont Data during the late 1980`s

Between 1986 and 1988 a redundant butchers shop in Bures High Street was purchased by Greg Moore, an Australian entrepreneur, who founded Bridge International

Taken from Watersinfo.com re Charles Lebens

"Bridge International" was an IT firm specialising in supplying online information to the finance industry.

Due to its rapid growth, Bridge International soon outgrew these premises and moved down to Smallbridge Hall under a new name of Pont Data

However, the word Pont in french means Bridge
Company records indicate this was founded in 1985
Comany records do not show who were the board members at this time, but in 1987 Gregory Moore was listed as a Director.

Pont Data Inc. filed as a Domestic Corporation in the State of Nevada on Monday, October 12, 1987.
1995:- This corporation is no longer active according to documents filed with Nevada Secretary of State and is listed as Merge Dissolved.

Gregory Phillips Moore was listed as the President of Pont Data Inc and registered in Illinois, USA.

Pont Data also had a registered address in the UK at 6 City Road, Finsbury Sq, London during ??

<<<<< During 1988 Greg Moore was requesting a listing on the Australian Bourse for Pont Data

During the late 1980`s Smallbridge was the IT centre for Pont Data in the UK with several employees.
One of these data services was to receive live information from the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and distribute that to other interested parties such as Ceefax, Teletext and stockbrokers.
With BBC now displaying virtually live stock information from the LSE, this was a vast improvement for the private investor who either had to phone a stockbroker or wait for the next days newspapers to carry this information.

With so much data being handled by Smallbridge, this became a problem for BT.
This was well before the days of broadband and fibre optic and consequently, BT had to lay a new cable from its telephone exchange in Bures along the rural roads to provide more cable capacity to Smallbridge at an enormous cost.

BT and Pont Data signed a formal agreement that any data faults on the BT plant would be cleared within a 4 hour time scale - this was very hard to achieve with Bures and Smallbridge in such rural locations.
It wasn`t unusual for an engineer to attend in the early hours to clear line faults.

Waterstechnology.com:- April 5th 1990

Waterstechnology.com: Feb 1992

Finally the Company went bankrupt circa 1992

Smallbridge was still owned by Greg Moore until 2000 when it was sold


Additional notes:-
During the 1980`s I was a BT Engineer looking after data links for large companies to the north of Colchester.

I cannot be certain, but before Bridge International arrived at Bures it may well have been located at Westwood Park at Gt Horkesley
I cannot recall the name of the company, nor can I find any reference to any data company at the park, but there was most certainly someone there dealing in the transmission of data
Because of Westwood Parks remoteness, there was no suitable underground cable with sufficient capacity to feed the enormous amount of data being processed.
BT erected a microwave mast on the telephone exchange at Marks Tey which transmitted data to a similar mast at Fordham Telephone Exchange.
This in turn was relayed by a dish to a mast at Westwood Park
These exchanges were chosen because at Marks Tey it could intercept the Colchester to London data and telephone traffic.
Fordham exchange had a clear line site (essential for microwave transmission) to Marks Tey and in the other direction to Westwood Park.

Unfortunately this link turned out to be utterly unreliable in the rain, as nobody took account of a woodland towards Westwood Park which degraded the signal.
Ok in the fine sunny weather, but a shower of rain brought it to a standstill.

Now, if that was Bridge International, did they uproot and move to Bures ??

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