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The Pelham and Waldegrave connection with the Pilgrim Fathers who emigrated to
New England in the early 1600`s


This page attempts to look at the children of Thomas Waldegrave and Herbert Pelham to see if any of their offspring carried the family name forward ?




(1) Herbert Pelham III: Born Ferrers, Bures, Essex, England abt 1600. Died Bures, Essex, England bef 01 Jul 1674.
Father of 3. Son of 12 & 13.

Jemima Waldegrave: Born Lawford, Essex, England bef Oct 1602. Died 1639.
Mother of 3. Daughter of 14 & 15.
Penelope Pelham
Jemima sadly died in 1639 and Herbert then married Elizabeth Boswell
1617- 1659
(2)Herbert Pelham III
2nd marriage
Elizabeth Boswell 1617 -1659 son Edward Pelham
B1650 -1720
(3)Edward Pelham
son of Herbert and half brother to Pelelope
m Freelove Arnold b1661 -1730

son Edward Pelham
b 1741 -1740

(4) Edward Pelham b1741 dau named Penelope

Were there any male offspring to continue this familly line ?



(1)Thomas Waldegrave
Born Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England abt 1574.
Died aft 04 Sep 1640.
Margaret Holmstead: Born Halstead, Essex, England abt 1581. Died abt 1639.
Dau Jemima who married Herbert Pelham

Did the Waldegrave name, ceased to exist at this point ?


Published 12th February 2017