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Boy Scouts Jamboree 1929
Jam Roll







During 1929, the Scout Movement celebrated its 21st birthday by holding a World Jamboree at Arrowe Park near Birkenhead England.
To mark the occasion, Scouts from all over the world were invited to contribute one penny towards a suitable gift to the Founder and Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell.

At the Jamboree, the President of the Boy Scouts of Denmark presented the Chief Scout with a 20hp Rolls Royce Motor car manufactured at Derby, in addition a caravan which was named 'Eccles', after the caravan maker and a portrait of B-P in oils by David Jagger.
The car was to be known as "Jam Roll" - Jam after Jamboree and Roll after Rolls Royce.

A unique feature of the car is the radiator mascot; the traditional Spirit of Ecstasy was replaced by the Scout fleur-de-lis with the motto "Be Prepared".

Both the car and caravan remained in the family until 1938, when Olave Lady Baden-Powell gave Eccles to Gilwell Park and in August 1945 she sold Jam Roll to a private buyer.



How Jam Roll was eventually Saved and Preserved

A Company was set up (BP Jam Roll Ltd )in 2008, to advance the education of the public in the history of the Scout Movement through the acquisition, preservation, maintenance and display (either directly or in partnership with others) of memorabilia and other artefacts linked to the Scout Movement as the trustees deem fit.

The first such item purchased was Jam Roll thanks to generous donations and a loan. It is intended to preserve, maintain and display the car.

The Directors of the Company were The Hon. Michael Baden-Powell (a grandson of the Founder), Tony Harvey, Steve Hilditch and John Ineson.

BP Jam Roll Ltd will retain ownership and is free to loan the car to a suitable museum for display. The directors will house the car until completion of any necessary restoration work. (see photo below)

The vehicle has had a number of owners prior to its purchase in 1986 by Jam Roll Ltd.

Thanks to their support, Jam Roll and Eccles were displayed together for the first time in fifty years at Gilwell Park during the Centenary World Jamboree (2007). 'Eccles' has recently been refurbished and is still proudly displayed at Gilwell Park.

However John had many dealing with Jam Roll, at one stage while waiting for repairs including an MOT, it was housed in his garage at High Fields Farm
This vehicle had only a 20hp engine, considering it enormous weight.

Left:-John and Diane

In 2022, Jam Roll found a new home at "Great British Car Journey" where it is now on display alongside more than 130 British-built and manufactured cars which have long since disappeared from the roads, including the Austin Seven, Morris Minor and Ford Escort as well with a number of cars with equally famous owners.
The Rolls will continue to make special appearances at Scout events.


Published 09/04/2024