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History of Quoits at Bures


Pair of Steel Quoits


Quoit bed and throwing marker
Quit bed filled with soft clay

Bures Quoits team, date unknown>>>



The earliest recorded game
Bures v Copford Green
Essex County Standard & West Suffolk Gazette
Saturday 18th May 1895


Suffolk and Essex Free Press, May 31st 1923
A very popular village sport

Back in 2015, the new owner of a cottage next door to the Eight Bells, discovered an abandoned torn sack in the rear of his garage.
It was was extremely heavy and tipping out the contents, it appeared to be just scrap metal of no significance.

Fortunately he showed Dennis the contents, who immediately recognised "the scrap" as a set of shoes and pins etc for playing Quoits.
They had probably been there since the last match was played in the village during the 1930`s

With a thriving Quoits team only 2 miles away at Mount Bures, it seemed appropriate to try and set up a local team in the village.
Dennis soon acquired a site on the Common for a pitch, a team was assembled with the aid of Dean Manning and they played their inaugural match in 2016
If it hadn't been for Dennis and his enthusiasm to resurrect the game, we would not be looking at Quoits being played on the Common today

Consequently, during the latter part of the year, it was suggested by Dennis in conjunction with Dean Manning to recruit members for this new team.
By the Spring of 2014, the response had been extraordinary with 15 applicants, enough to have 3 or 4 teams.

The Bures group was subsequently accepted into the "Stoke by Nayland Steel Quoits League" during March

The inaugural match for the Bures Quoits Teams took place on "The Common" on Saturday 19th April 2014
This was an open invitation match with teams participating from Mount Bures, Holbrook and Gt Horkesley.
The Bures team although up against such stiff opposition, proudly made itself to the semi-finals before being knocked out by the Holbrook team.

The local community turned out in good numbers to support this event, many never having heard of Quoits, let alone see it being played.
The participating teams were impressed at the number of spectators present.