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Chapel Barn, Isobel Baynes BADCOCK(1863-1939)

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Isabel went to live at Bures St Mary, Suffolk to be near her sister Mrs Carwardine Probert and in 1922 she was living at Fysh House, Bures, Suffolk when she set sail on the 'Intaba' for Trinindad & Tobago and from that address on 28 December 1933, patented (426,283) an 'Artists Colour Box'.

A painter of portraits, buildings and interiors and exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1886 and at the Royal Academy 1905-1914 including 'Captain G. W. Probert' and 'In the Church's Quiet Heart'.
Her sister Kate Stanhope Badcock (1864-1910) was also an artist and her elder sister Mary Hilton Badcock married William Geoffry Carwardine Probert of Bevills, Bures, Suffolk. Isobel died at Fysh House, Bures, Sudbury, Suffolk on 27 August 1939 and cremated at Ipswich.

A memorial glass window was raised in Waldegrave Chapel, Bures to the memory of her Probert brother-in-law (died 1938) and his wife, sister Mary (died 1949) and to Isobel.

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History of St Stephens Chapel

Finally in about 1918 the place was bought with the surrounding land & house by Isobel Badcock (See reference later) who was the spinster sister in law of my great grandfather Colonel William Probert.
She then set about laying plans to restore the place & on December 5th 1940, the year after her death- her dream was realized when restoration was completed & St Stephens re-consecrated by the Rt. Rev WG Whittingham, Bishop of St Edmundsbury

History of St Edmund

In the 20th. century the property belonged to Miss Isabel Baynes Badcock, a devout and artistic lady, her dearest wish was to restore the Chapel to its pristine beauty and to its sacred use. Her brother-in-law Colonel W.G.C. Probert, the owner of Bevills, well known as a skilled archaeologist (and direct in line from William Waldegrave) eagerly furthered her purpose and devoted time and learning to the work.

Painting by Isobel Badcock

Miss Badcock, of Fysh House, Bures,' dedicated herself in the 1920s to restoring the little chapel to its former glory. Miss Hadcock's sister, Mary Probert, was the original model for 'Alice' who Sir John Tenniel drew to illustrate Lewis Caroll's immortal book.
With the help of her brother-in-law Colonel W. Carwardine Probert, of Bevills, Bures, the work was eventually completed and the chapel rededicated.
Both Colonel and Mrs. Probert and Miss Badcock chose the chapel as their final resting place.

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St Mary`s Church, Bures
Stained Glass window in the Waldegrave Chapel
Lower second pane from the right, tribute to Isobel Badcock

Reads:- and of Mary Hilton Probert his wife d1919 at Bevills and her sister Isabel Baynes Badcock d1939 at Fysh House


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