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Images of the barn circa 1900

This shows it being used as a barn circa 1903.
Sacks of possibly potatoes

Painting of the interior by BADCOCK Isobel Baynes (1863-1939) circa 1910

Miss Badcock, of Fysh House, Bures,' dedicated herself in the 1920s to restoring the little chapel to its former glory. Miss Hadcock's sister, Mary Probert, was the original model for 'Alice' who Sir John Tenniel drew to illustrate Lewis Caroll's immortal book.
With the help of her brother-in-law Colonel W. Carwardine Probert, of Bevills, Bures, the work was eventually completed and the chapel rededicated.
Both Colonel and Mrs. Probert and Miss Badcock chose the chapel as their final resting place.

Chapel Barn 1929

1930 monochrome photograph compared to 2018 - note the windows all blocked up and no supporting buttreses